Drizzle of water drops, romance and emotions


Drizzle of rain water drop on my skin as I pulled open my umbrella;

I open the palm of my hand to hold pearl of water falling from the sky;

I am enjoying droplets of water that falls on my hair and face which sparks magic on my existence;

I hold a yellow flower between my fingers as drops of water seeps through the bud;

The girl wearing red skirt splashes the rain water on her face and I couldn’t help admiring her beauty;

Her smile shines through as she throw away her red umbrella as droplets of water falls on her head;

I wanna do the tango dance with her as pearls of water drop from the sky;

I brush aside the romantic vision of flirting and dancing in the mild rain;

I close my umbrella and smile to her as I continued my walk in the beautiful rain that shines our lives;

The sensation of droplets of rain adorning of our life is an emotion to be experienced and felt within.

With Love




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