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Time flies! I hate this expression that I repeated umpteenth times on the blog. How I wish, so and so..How I wish this and that..How I wish things would turn that way? Just mere excuses and interrogations about life! Well, lil did I realize that it’s been six months in September since on the 25th March, our newspaper was closed as deemed by the company directors for reasons best known to themselves and on 26th, was the last day I officially went to office for the heated discussion in the secret boardroom. I shall not write on what I’ve been telling you guys for the past six months of my life.

The company decided to shift me to another department but I was not keen and decided to exit after a month based purely on ethical reasons. Then, I joined a firm getting my hands fresh into content writing but realized that they are so unprepared, clueless and went on unprofessional rampage that would destroy my career as a professional journalists. You know what? Plagiarism. Despite not having anything secure in my hands. I took the risk and told the guy that I am leaving. It’s been months and months, without anything concrete. Not that I am complaining or whining about life!

Six months spent in sheer laziness and enjoying moods et moments of life, via, extensive blogging where I met so many good friends on line and scampered in drafting some 50 to 60 job application letters. Guess! The first time in life where I frantically job hunted in such a fashion since I have no financial security and trying to be positive  at the same time, wishing that the job will come soon. Things have been delayed for some reason or another.

Hopefully. something should crop up soon as I am in talks with a leading Public Relations (PR) and things should move in the right direction.  So, looking forward to a new role in my professional work as the long six-months break was much needed in some way or another.

I’ve  lost my Mojo during the past six months I stayed at home but I am willing to re-invent myself to re-create the magic. Over the months that elapsed, I’ve turned into a potato couch, eating a lot, hooked to MTV like an irresponsible kid sitting and sleeping on  the couch with the lappie on the knees. If I am not sitting on the couch, I take a nap to stimulate the unproductive me which was quite a depart from the person that I was. I often wonder how the fuck a work alcoholic like me who couldn’t sit idle is whining time like a non-productive moron. True! I wanted a break and I listened to my heart’s inner calling despite knowing that I have to pay EMIs and loans.  I wonder whether my decisions made sense and am banking on the PR firm to help me sort out my woes. Fingers crossed. Let’s hope that I can join the new job in a week or so to alleviate my financial burdens.

However, the sabbatical that I took was well deserved in more than one ways. First, I slogged for the past three years till the wee hours in the morning as a sub-editor and journalist. There were days when I reached home at 2 a.m and slept without food. But, I was not complaining since I was on a upward spree and growing in my career. Secondly, I was able to devote time to writing and blogging where I made so many wonderful friends on blog who are on my FB and Google account. Thanks guys and gals, for being so supportive. Thirdly, I was able to work on my rom-com novel and man,  I have reached fifty pages which is in itself not a bad thing in six months. However, the brownie point is that it’s been two months that I haven’t been able to continue writing and blame it on my lazy nature. Think, it’s high time to get back to the high altitude of novel writing this week. It reminds me that I also neglected my diary which is lying scattered on the table in the room. It’s time to pull my socks and  better get going! I have a strange feeling that the job scene will improve and wish that I can give you some good news in the start of October.

I may also take some freelance work with a magazine in Dubai and this is something I am really looking forward to. I just read a wonderful article by Corinne Rodrigues on her blog, These are questions that I faced and still facing right now in life. It is a bad phase and now I am sure. it will help me to gain back my mojo in life. C’mon, Vishal! Better get going and be back with a bang. Wow! I took two days to pen this post coz I was suffering from writerz block and it’s something that can get to you after blogging extensively and daily for eight months. Now, time for some editing and publishing for you, people, to enjoy.

Good Night




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

12 thoughts on “Reflections!

    1. Thank you so much, Chandni:) I am dying to settle in Sheik-land by next year and it’s one place I am dying to come and live. I need a favor from you and can u get me some proper address of media agencies in Sheikh-land?!

  1. I will ditto Chandni! I will pray to God that your PR finds out a perfect job for you in a jiffy! Its a joy to have a friend with a conscience in this world! I too had a suspicion that these sites look for plagiarists who will lift the works of others!

    You will be in my daily prayers, and when you get your perfect job or dream job I will be having a big party from you.

    keep the faith!

    God bless you and be with you!

    1. It was a difficult decision to take, Sharmi, and I am happy I took the decision. Had I stayed, it would have led to the death of my career as a media professional. Just imagine I left knowing ki I have loan and EMIs to pay. Thanks for your kind words and I am praying for a miracle to take place in the days to come:) Now, I am smiling. Yo!

    1. Hopefully, so! Thank you and I am pinning on hope and the sabbactical been a good thing in some way or another. M sure you will receive some good news work wise and pretty sure, one day you will have your own label, Anu-ism:) Thanks a ton:)

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