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Sunday Foto Features

Hiyaa! Hope you are lazing around on Sunday. There is no better way to make Sunday awesome and I am sharing few pictures that I clicked. Hope, you enjoy the pics.


This picture was taken from my HTC phone where I tried to capture the beautiful pigeon strutting its way in the lane where I live. I know the picture is not a great one but I tried to capture the pigeon by keeping my distance so that the white pigeon doesn’t run away from my camera.


The picture was taken two years back during my holiday in Pune in the end of December 2011 at Barista, Law College Road. It is a very relaxing place where you enjoy the Capuccino reading the morning newspaper and watching the traffic on the busy street. It’s one of my favorite hang out in Pune.


One of moi favorite restaurant in Pune, Savera which is very close to the heart since it is just opposite college, Fergusson College in Pune. The place is very close to my heart since I would spend the whole day there during the memorable college days with friends. I visited the place again in December 2011 and ordered filter coffee that I poured in this glass. There is no pleasure than enjoying coffee at the place that you love.

Hope you enjoy the pictures on a lazy Sunday.

Enjoy the weekend and lotsa love







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6 thoughts on “Sunday Foto Features

    1. apna desh to apna hota hai. I miss my life in Mumbai and Pune like hell. I know, Anu! I’ve been able to cut down smoking drastically and it’s quite a task to reduce where you crave for food at night. Still fighting the battle:)

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