Crystal blue sky, swanky white cloud and unadulterated dreams


The picture was taken early in the morning at Sunrise at 6 a.m. What a beautiful morning in the view of cloud. Yeah! I slept well yesterday and woke up early at 5.30. I am grateful to see the beautiful morning unfolding itself.

Blue sky, crystal clear and  white cloud enmeshed in a soothing morning;

The eyes long for the beautiful sky;

A day where dreams are nourished, aspirations chased as I long to sleep in the white cloud;

Beautiful cloud like swan, beautiful life life adorned with pure white;

White cloud like sugar coated hope and perfect imagination,

I sing the song of hope and love;

Life is a sugar-coated trip enlightening the soul;

Imagination and vision translated in beauty of words;

A prose to white cloud and blue sky beautifully expression the magnificence and aesthetic beauty of life;

Singing the song of life and music praising the gift of nature;

Like smile and love, blue sky and swanky white cloud is free cost;

Translucent blue sky is bestowed upon us as we learn to be grateful to all that we have;

We are surrounded by beauty enmeshed in magnificence views.

It’s a pearl in the ocean of love reminding us of the star sprinkled and amazingly magical life waiting for us.

Good Morning



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