Evil strikes in the times of sleep


It was Saturday and was woken up at 8 in the morning. I hardly slept during the night and dashed to my Yoga class. I came back home after forty-five minutes of rejuvenating yoga and sleep occupied my mind. I stretched my body on the sofa, hoping, that I will be transported in a peaceful journey to reclaim sleep. I was in deep slumber and heard some voices inside the hall. The phone was vibrating frantically and distance footsteps was heard. I thought it must be Mom who came back. I tried to open my eyes but sleep was dragging me. Finally, I opened my eyes and saw two thin men in black sitting on the sofas. The devils saw me, pounced on me. I couldn’t fight as they have already overpowered me in a flick of seconds. Their hands reached for my throat and was being strangulated. Better, die in peace, I thought. I made no effort to save my life and closed my eyes, waiting for death to come and take me.

Minutes later, I felt no marks on my throat and bruises. It seemed quite miraculous and thought, “It means that I already died since when people leave the body they feel no pain.” I was still lying on the sofa and tried to wake up, struggling to open my eyes, stick like glue. I looked at the sofa where the two evil intruders were sitting. There were no uninvited guests and checked the phone. Nobody called. Fuck! It was a day mare and so real. I really thought that I died and it was the soul who woke up.

PS: Haha! The day mare happened on Saturday afternoon and it was so real. I slept for two hours and woke up at 3 p.m, happy that I was alive. It’s not fiction but a true account of the event that nearly took my life. I love writing stories but never thought I would write my own fiction!!!

Happy Monday



9 thoughts on “Evil strikes in the times of sleep

    • hehe! Lotsa in store for u!!!!!Plz put the awards on the blog. The awards are the result of the kindness of people who think I write well..lolz Ya! It happened last Saturday and trust me, I thought I was dead as I try to wake up::)

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