A for Awards

My Dear friend, Tazein, of http://transcendingbordersblog.wordpress.com has nominated me for a bunch of awards and lil by lil, I am accepting the honor. Make sure you visit Tazein as she is truly an inspiration. There is another award bestowed by Tazein and I am yet to accept them. Please bear with me and I will soon accept them.







A: Assertive

B: Bold

C: Cool

D: Darling

E: Energetic

F: Folly

G: Grateful

H: High

I: Inspired

J: Jolly

K: Keen

L: Love

M: Me

N: Nice

O: Oreo

P: Perfect

Q: Quick

R: Rebel

S: Song

T: Truth

U: Untamed

V: Victory

W: Winner

X: Xerophilous

Y: Yore

Z: Zany


1. http://thewhitescape.wordpress.com

2. http://mi.vidyasury.com


4. http://mahabore.wordpress.com

5. http://jyothisdayout.wordpress.com

6. http://www.indianamericanmom.com

7. http://rekspoursout.wordpress.com

8. http://shilpaagarg.com

9 http://somkritya.wordpress.com

10. http://subzeroricha.blogspot.com

Congratulations to all the winners and give yourselves a big shout. Also, those who were not nominated, you will be on soon and feel free to grab the awards. Thanks, Tazein and there is another award to accept. I shall do it soon.

Enjoy your weekend



20 thoughts on “A for Awards

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