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To the girl child: A smile amidst the whole crowd

I wrote this post long time back. I am copying and pasting since I was influenced by three awe-inspiring and prolific bloggers, the wonderful Sakshi Nanda (, Rekha ( and Roshni ( on children who are exploited and face sexual abuses.
The work of the three bloggers have shocked my sensibility as a human being and decided to re-blog a post on a girl whom I observed in a shop during January 2008 in Pune. I have always been very passionate on violence subjected to the girl children and I was prompted to re-blog it after reading Sakshi, Rekha and Roshni. I would like to read your views and it is after mulling over the issue that I decided to re-produce the post it as it was penned at that time, except for correcting the grammar.
I witnessed another story at Marine Drive one late evening where a street urchin was subjected to violence and the post will follow during the week. I gotta check my earlier posts.


A smile amidst the whole crowd

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I stopped on my way to a nearby shop to buy a few personal stuffs. Suddenly a small girl, nine-year-old caught my attention. she was of dark complexion and she looks very tired..she must be working very hard on a construction site or in someone else house to bring the fifty rupee note to the household .The shopkeeper handed her back 50 paisa and she confidently asked for a toffee. I tried to empathize with her and she gave me a confident smile and goes on her way.

Well, food for thought! Forget about the child labor. The main thing is how many of us can manage to smile back to people when we have an exhausting day or life. For us it sounds like we are the only victims of office oppression,we fume to the owner of the car or bike who dashes on our way not without blaring out expletives. If only we could respond with a smile to our difficulties in life and treat it as a lesson or life experience. I learned an important lesson in life from this innocent girl robbed of childhood.

PS: I know that it is a mere reflection and nothing extraordinary in this post but I was moved that day. Moreover, the posts of the three intelligent and lovely ladies, Sakshi, Roshni and Rekha inspired me to  reproduce the post here.

After forward:

I still remember it was a Monday evening after 6 p.m. At that time, I had no computer and was surviving on meager pocket money, struggling to complete my Masters in Mumbai, something which I never completed. I was in Pune to refresh myself and immediately stormed my way to the cybercafe to write this post. What has happened to the girl and what is she doing? I dunno! Hope, the greater power is guiding her in life and wish her well. A humble request to photographers, tourists and anybody travelling to India and who excitedly take pictures of the girl child or any child to show the world. Sorry! It is not some kind of party going on to show the world how depraved and dirty the child hair is, the child is battered and exploited at every end. The least you can do is buy him or her something to eat, shed some pennies. I can understand that the pictures are clicked to highlighting the issue and spread awareness But, making the children ready for your shutterbug and making fun of them is not some cool activity. Thank you very much.

With Love




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6 thoughts on “To the girl child: A smile amidst the whole crowd

  1. It is good to see that you are inspired enough to hunt down an old post of yours and repost it. Yes, child labor remains one of the biggest issues that India has today. These kids are the future of India and it is sad to see how economic and social issues force them to earn a living at an age when they should be in school.

    1. Thanks, yaa. These posts inspired me and child labor is an issue that is killing our children who are our future. The biggest issue is poverty and it pinches the heart to see them working at such a young age. Their childhood is robbed.

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