100 Words on Saturday: If Only You Were Here

Hey folks,

The prompt, If Only You were Here is provided by Kajal Kapur of http://myriadrainbowhues.blogspot.in/. Love you for this one, Kajal and thank for this one as I am paying a tribute to Dad.  I am participating on 100 WORDS ON SATURDAY WRITE TRIBE on the prompt, If Only You Were Here: This time I choose to write a poem rather than a short story. Hope you enjoy.



If only you were here…

Dad, you would be proud of my professional achievement and tell the whole world about it.

If only you were here!


You would comfort me and touch me on the shoulders,


It’s ok. Jobs come and go. Don’t worry about money. I am here.

You would smile me and engage in heated discussions.If only you were here!

If only you were here!

We would laugh out loud and discuss football, movies and my life in India.

If only you were here!

A smile on your face will wash away all my worries.

Love you, Dad.





  1. Wonderful tribute. I was thinking the other day that dads kind of get neglected by us. You know, writing praises and tributes to mothers(they deserve it, of course) but fathers don’t get much of attention. Here you are paying a tribute to your father.🙂 Lovely.

    • Beautifully observed, Kathy. How I wish all our loved ones were still here with us. Guess, it’s the force of nature and perhaps, it’s not meant for them to hold our hands. I lost a friend and a cousin-bro who passed away at a young age. Life has to go on but it’s good if we can keep their memories alive. Cheerz

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