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Free Write: Grey Hair, pristine youthfullness and Me

Write Tribe
Write Tribe

It’s all about Baby Boom as they say and the new generation or millennial..but I am one of them, at least I think so..don’t believe me..err! Well! Think again! According to Times Magazines, 30s can lay claim to Millenials as long as they stay with their mom, are redundant and believe passion has the upper hand over money. For once, I become the self-inflated prat thinking bout myself as a passionate blogger and writer..see I am trying to write a novel and aspire to be a published author..well! I have 13 more minutes to vent out..more bak bak, less dak dak.

Baby Boom! Oh! Yeah! Last a year, a colleague much younger than me delivered a baby boy and before her, my former ‘Boss’ did. Just today, a friend told me that a classmate in college delivered a baby girl and I was like, hurray! Today, a dear colleague in our ex-office, party kinda house and a very good friend broke up the news that shez expecting. I am like whoops, goodie boom, naya generation aa raha hai (new generation coming) and it made me shit scary. What? I am getting old! No way! Dude! I feel so young inside and feel just like an immature kid who refuse to grow up. I still feel like am an 18-er..dude! Just face it, you are in your 30s and struggling to make a mark in your life and refusing to grow up. Yeah! Soul! I fucking know that and don’t you realize we are in conflict with each other?!

Ah! I am looking forward to comments and stats on deprived stats bugger. Yeah! I am happyy I made so many wonderful frenz on Facebook through Write Tribe challenge and otherwise on this thing called Blog. It maketh me feel so wanted and wonderful. What an amazing online social life I have! Loving it!  gotta take an important decision next year and I have decided to explore life. It was tough considering Mom will be alone but if we gotta grow in life and be happy, we need to find our true calling. I don’t think it’s selfish coz my mom won’t be at peace to see me unhappy and leaving my mom to explore my life and career doesn’t mean I don’t love my mom.

Moving to entertainment, I am looking forward to watch Bade Miyan Chote Miyan on Star Gold morrow. People! Don’t laugh! Okie, I know it’s brainless but it makes sense to watch and do senseless flicks. I know, cinema intelligentsia will take offense but nothing personal. Did I tell you that I am hooked to Big Boss and Gauhar Khan is my favorite on the show. Yay! I’ve done it in fifteen minutes….FREE WRITE ON WRITE TRIBE. Cool Na! Lemme pull on some kick ass music and polish the post..I mean final checking. Gosh! It reminds me of my initial days as a sub-editor.

With Love




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

25 thoughts on “Free Write: Grey Hair, pristine youthfullness and Me

  1. First of all thanks to Suzy for introducing Free Write….It has brought out everyone’s inner-child….and I am enjoying each and every post …
    Lovely compilation of your thoughts…enjoyed it a lot!

      1. Thanks Shellymona and Vishal, So glad you both enjoyed my prompt and oh yes that inner child always wanting to come out finally does, It’s so liberating. I am enjoying everyone’s posts. Yep that mind and actual age thing is always at odds. My mind insists I’m 25, my body however reminds me that age is long gone!

  2. I won’t laugh at you about ‘Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’. I may laugh with you if I watch parts of it. Such films are the best to watch on TV. You need not exercise your grey cells at all, you can take as many breaks as you like, no difference. In my opinion, most people enjoy such films, but they don’t admit it!

  3. GM 🙂 this was in every sense free writing! Baby boom it is…my fb page is filled with my friends posting their baby’s pics!
    N all the best for your career. I know the decision can be hard, but if you r happy, she s happy!!

    1. Hey, thanks and was glad I was able to..lolz me too, my friendz baby pics all over the place. Thanks for the career wish, I am one year away from it. whatz ur facebook link, if u don’t mind me asking? True, last words comforting, if I am happy, mom izzz:)

  4. So I am the first one to comment.Perhaps the eldest blogger ( I will be 78) next month commenting on one of the youngest! Anyway age is no bar in friendship!
    Coming to your post, I must say that you are a lively little pet of your Mom. you seem to have chosen journalism as your profession.Go on, child,you write very well. Best of luck!

    1. Thank you so much. Mrs Usha. I am grateful and blessed for your comments on ma blog. Happy budday in advance, young lady and age is definitely not a barrier in friendship. My neighbor hitting 70 and we are good friends, he was Dad’s friend and what matters is the chemistry. Thanks for your kind words:)

  5. Hi Vishal… Thats quite a rant and could relate so much to it … reasons being many … Stuck in 30s and refusing to grow up, Big Boss Fan, promoter of senseless flicks, loving my social media existence …All that is me tooooo 🙂

  6. there is a child in everyone, most people hide it from public eyes wisely, because I wont like to catch someone babbling nonsense to my pets! even though I used to do that all the time, whereas out on the street people hopefully thought that I am very reserved 🙂

    1. haha! That’s the aim and let’s shout, we are sweet 18 never going on a higher number. Big Boss! I, too agree, it’s falling short of expectations and the bitchiness is missing..nopes! You are not…a sign that we are young people challenge status quo..hahaha

  7. Oh i have no idea about the free tribe…:( But loved your 15 minute stunt dude.When the words come from heart,it sure hits bulls eye. and yeah my Bigg boss 7 post is pending…;)

    1. Thanks a ton and it’s fun stuff. You should participate more in write tribe contests. the 15 minutes free tribe is simple, u gotta to write on nethg that comes in the mind, no planning, no theme. It’s fun actually:) Promise, BiG Boss post will come soon::)

  8. Enjoyed reading this! Stay young at heart always… that’s what matters! Follow your heart, follow your dream, explore and learn… you mom will be happy with your decision, have faith!
    Cant stand these tele-serials and reality shows on TV, but you go on and enjoy! 🙂

    1. It’s important for us to listen to the heart, dream, grow, explore and learn as you’ve beautifully put it. I am happy hearing ur words on mom will understand. Sometimes, doubts and guilt creep in. I am a new convert to TV shows but hate serials. Lol!

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