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Seven TV Ads that stole my heart

“Don’t tell my mom I’m in advertising. She thinks I play piano in the whorehouse.” This powerful and crazy quote was referred by the most respected advertising guru, David Ogilvy whose books on advertising I absolutely loved. You gotta be crazy, nut head and what’s not to get into advertising business or the act of selling…well err sell what? This quote says it all, ‘The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs a lot less‘, by Brendan Behan.

Woohoo! Doesn’t the above quotes say it all? Nopes, I am not doing research in the ad world but spilling out ads made in India that gives me a huge orgasm. Yeah, no pun unintended and I am being shameless. The last one goes to my favorite Guru, David Ogilvy, ‘Nowadays it is the fashion to pretend that no single individual is ever responsible for a successful advertising campaign. This emphasis on ‘teamwork’ is bunkum – a conspiracy of the mediocre majority’. Our own desi ad guru, Prahlad Kakkar says it all, I take only drop-outs in my company.’ I think it serves the purpose as those girls and guys charmed me with the awe-inspiring and brilliant concepts that are a depart from conservative thinking.

Here it i! TV ads that I adore and they may not be necessarily in a disciplined order but it is a crazy, disorganized and a complete mayhem list.

1. Awesomely Yours

Celebrate awesomeness. Truly Tata Nano! I love this jingle, You Are Awesome and it strikes a chord with me and it’s been after ages that I loved such a beautiful design targeted at the youth. Simply fab!  What I love about this ad is how it has beautifully captured the various moods and emotions of city life. It’s jazzy yet it has a soul. What I love is that it was shot at Fort area in South Bombay (SoBo) where Westside is located. It is not just a jingle but the youth anthem.

2. My City, My Life

Okay! I am guilty of being partial to Mumbai despite not being born in Maximum City. I am aware that I am promoting the tabloid, MID-DAY that I love reading like so many average Mumbaikars and kudos to the guys for this beautiful youth anthem. It is an ode to the city and it’s people braving challenges in the city. For sure, it’s not a very recent ad but it is sexy, hot and adorable.

3. Love thyself and be individualistic

I am a self-confessed feminist for several reasons.  Man! I just love Mia by Tanishq ad and adore those words, “Don’t worry, the presentation looks even better than me”. Completely kick ass ad and an ode to the beautiful and hard working professional women. I am a complete nut case.  Mia ad is all about the women and despite the boss asks her junior to remove the earrings , the latter decides to assert herself unapologetically in a bid to break stereotypes about gender. I have a different interpretation: What if the boss and her employee were in a homosexual relationship? I feel MIA by Tanishq would go a long way to promote equal rights devoid of same sex discrimination and I couldn’t help notice some sexual tension in the ad. I told you I am crazy. Truly Awesome, MIA by TANISHQ.

4. Be Naughty! Try flavored condom

It’s the season to be naughty. Why should men have all the fun? It’s all about desires, lust and what’s not? I loove this sexy and thrilling condom ad by SKORE and I feel it teases you into adding some spice into your sex life. I love the naughty look and smile on the woman’s face.  Sexy ad and hotness personified.

5. Tis one for you ladies

The very fact that advertisers roped Amitabh Bachchan in an ad not only leads to high recall value but the megastar lends his royal touch to the tale aired on TV. This Kalyan ad featuring Big B and Aarti Chhabria speaks about women’S craze for jewellery and the adage, ‘shop till you drop is kept alive’. Ladies! There is a catch on various and huge discounts being offered all over the place and if you don’t wanna be taken for a ride, listen to Amitabh Bachchan. Yo! Love it.

6. Full Masti, mobile is thy name

I am madly in love with this awesome Airtel ad and the concept is mind-blowing. I love the setting where a young boy is haggling with a cabbie for his rupee and the latter makes it with songs downloaded for just one rupee. Next time, if your cabbie doesn’t have change, make sure that he has a handset.

7. Home is where the heart is

A home is made with love where our loved and dear ones live with us. Who better than Amitabh Bachchan reminding us in this sensitive Binani cement ad s where he speaks about love and parents? He speaks about parents and how small things in life can remind us of the ones who brought us in this beautiful world. I love Amitabh’s family photo album with father, Dr Harivansrai, mother Teji, son Abhishek and his pictures as a baby as well as the time he grew up. Fab, Mr Bachchan.

Hope, you enjoy my favorite ads. I shall leave you with this quote, ‘Any damn fool can put on a deal, but it takes genius, faith and perseverance to create a brand’ by  the master, David Ogilvy.

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11 thoughts on “Seven TV Ads that stole my heart

  1. Although I didn’t click on any of the youtube links, I could recognize all the ads except for the Mumbai Mid-Day one given that I am not from Mumbai. These would make it to my favorite list of ads as well. Good post 😀

  2. recently I loved an advertisement of Asian paints, in that a young girl enters her husband’s home to see that he has decorated their bedroom just like her bedroom … it was such a sweet advertisement just stole my over romantic heart 🙂

  3. Oh Man! I miss Indian ads. Here, I often tell TCG, the ads in NZ are so dull, boring and unintelligent. Indian ads are fun and witty, thanks to the highly competitive nature of the Indian market. I liked ad no.3 and 7.

    1. hey! Zinal three and seven are awesome. The standards in India are so high and thanks I am subscribed to Indian channels..the bar is raised higher and higher. The same in Mauritius where most of the ads are mediocre and so unintelligent!

  4. Agg net onboard is very slow so cant watch the youtubes…but know which ads you are referring too…………….am great fan of all Airtel ads specially the “har ek friend zaroori hota hai” and the “pug” ad. yeah maggi vala too……:)

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