Fly high and free the mind


Close your eyes and breath freely;

Let me carry you in the sky and let’s fly past hills. seas an the clouds;

Close your door to the shackles of society, religious and moral prejudices;

Let’s make a vow to be completely free from the evils that is hell bent on chaining us;

Kiss, embrace the freedom of life and say good bye to the blurred vision of a life they claim to know;

We will become one and let our body become a single molecule;

Love making, intimacy, kissing passionately and sex is just a process through which we liberate our minds;

Unburden your ‘self’ with in-built conservative prejudices and let’s pledge to reach the light inside the white moon;

Fearless is thy name and liberate the mind from the poisons of society is the greatest Moksha;

With Love




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