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Chained in the circle of flame

Struggling to get out of the circle that  is smeared with fire,

he fears that he will be burned to death.

Evil has set fire in the circle that chained him.

He cannot move beyond the circle consumed by flame.

All he needs is some courage to free himself from the shackles of thoughts.

Unblemished hope and dreams are just a whisker away.

Yet, the fire will consummate him.

He needs to take a call!

He is intimidated by the fire for years.

Will he brave the fire or let the flame consume his existence?

His soul is whispering in the ears,

face the fire even if it means your body is injured, trust me. I am the soul and together we will win the battle.

Happy Monday




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

21 thoughts on “Chained in the circle of flame

  1. Yes, my love, what we send out returns that light as powerful energy again back is one with the unconditional love, so I wish you a beautiful Monday and everything good for you sending divine blessing you with.I am pleased to have found you on the wide network…The most important item is the health without which there is mostly no longer so good.Sincerely Andrea

    1. Hey, Andrea! Thanks a ton and m also glad to find like-minded people like you who strive to lead a meaningful and blissful life. It means a lot to my existence and I accept wholeheartedly the divine love. I reciprocate by sending positive energy. Have a blissful Monday:)

      1. I thank you for the beautiful words to me, many people often forget about the friendship, only these people say well then turns a couple of weeks would be quite unlike out it very trarig if every human being a bit careful with the people photography easier but if the word wouldn’t be who my father would be millionaire, I have gepsotet with me in an article.Blessed for all time

    1. That’s so true, Shilpa and till we don’t make an effort and experience the fire, we shall only be scared through our senses. Thanks for commenting and I am honored since I look to ur wonderful words:)

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