WriteTribe: The last Note in Times of Passion

Woohoo! Write Tribe 100 Words on Saturday is back!! We all waited with bated breath for the prompt and more reasons to cheer. So here, you are! In response to Write Tribe 100 Words on Saturday, I am posting my prompt and the linky below.  Hope you enjoy.

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

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It was Monday. He came up with the breaking news and grabbed the whole life style page with the interview of the famous pop singer. Tongues were waging in the office and some jealous heads fumed. “After all, how can he bag the breaking stories when nobody in the business did?.” The boss congratulated him and asked to follow an important story with quotes.  The boss called and he anticipated her to ask about the story, “Vishal, the newspaper is officially closed from today.” He was numb and crest fallen. It was 7 p.m and he closed the word page, ‘Fuck.’

Concluding NOTE:

It is my story and I am still job hunting. It’s been almost six months and I have learned that one should never be attached to a job. It’s an important lesson in life since one can never know what’s in store for us, good or bad.



Why do you want to pull the curtains?,” he asked. She smiles naughtily, “So that people know what we are doing. It’s fun!” They lay naked on the bed, pushing aside the white sheet.  Mahi resigned as director in her Dad’s company to join Percy who left his job to pursue his passion as a writer. Mahi wanted to become a painter but her parents were dead against it. One fine day, she sneaked out of the house to join Percy, whom she met during a trip. “It is the best sex we are having,” She whispered in Percy’s ears.

Final Remarks:

This story is 100 per cent, pure fiction and it’s all about passion in life, love and intimacy. I decided to scribble two short stories for 100 WORDS ON SATURDAY, Hope you have fun and look forward to the amazing comments and your take on the challenge.

Love you, Write Tribe-ers



  1. All the best for your job hunt Vishal!!! Hold on!!! To use a cliche there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. And if you don’t mind check out the IT field. It offers immense opportunities to content developers. Pay is good as well.

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