Scent and fragrance of the Red Rose


I smell the scent and fragrance of the beautiful red rose and I am transported in a journey laden with ecstasy.

The tiny red rose is still in the bud.


It will grow in a matter of time yet I can see the spirit and magnificence of its soul.

It is blooming and sparkle magic in the atmosphere.

I breath heavily as I hold the rose in my hand.

Its magic transcend human life and existence.

Our life is like the tiny red rose,

We grow with innocence like the flower to spark magnetic charm, beauty and magnificence around.

We make the atmosphere a better place to live.

Like the Red Rose, let’s spread love, innocence, positive vibes, humility, humanity and happiness.

Let us grow and rise in love, like the red rose.

With Love



14 thoughts on “Scent and fragrance of the Red Rose

    • Thanks, Kajal. Was wondering what to write and was having tea and saw the bud rose in front of the gate. I am like, it’s a moment and got to write bout the Red Rose:) In everything, we gotta try and find love, what say? In our blog conversation, comments and smallest things, what say? But, no! I am not in love and hopeful, I shall find love some day::)

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