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Let’s not judge suicide victims!


My name is suicide and they call me a monster who patiently wait for my preys. I have been called a devil who drag lives with me and often, I hunt for young and bright minds who cannot sustain the pressure of life as they see academic failure, dejection in love and professional flops.  They cannot handle failure after being super successful in life. You name it, you get it. I don’t discriminate among young and old, class, caste, age and every prey is a victory to me. You may call me a monster but I give Mukti to those afflicted by sorrow and disappointment in life. I am the savior of a ruthless and unfair world.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and I am spreading awareness on the forum provided by First, let us ask what leads to a person committing suicide? Is the victim nurturing suicidal tendencies sufficiently equipped to deal with the harsh competition of the global world? Is the person surrounded by friends and family? Why the person cannot accept the reality that success and failures are part of our life and we are just humans? It is okay to fail in life.

I believe that we should get rid of the stigma associated with suicide victims and the day we hear somebody attempted suicide, we are quick to jump the gun and label the person as a failure and weak. I believe that we are wrong since all of us are weak at some point or another and who has not been a failure in life. I mean, I strongly oppose the idea of judging people who killed themselves. The latest case is actor, Jiah Khan and we have judged her by calling names. It is time to stop condemning the person since it is only the person who is affected knows what trauma he or she is going through.

There have been cases where parents put heavy pressures on their children to compete for seats at premiere academic institutions such as the Indian Institute of Technology and highly ranked engineering or medical colleges. I ask such parents: Is academics everything in life? Did you brought up a child so that you are honored by his or her high grades? Is your honor quantified in terms of success and failures in exams? Why do you compare your child academics to that of your office colleagues or neighbors. Let’s stop this double standards and hypocrisy. Your son or daughter is not your personal assets. Human beings have their own individual traits and let them bloom in life.

Let’s pledge to put an end to our mindsets regarding suicide. It is not a sin that plague society and someone collapsing under pressure doesn’t make him or her a criminal. Let’s learn to accept that suicide is often an emotion that leads to a person resorting to kill the self. First understand, act and then judge.


There was a time in my teens where I did not find fulfillment in life and felt that my life served no purpose. I so wanted to put an end to my life and hated every moment of my life. Years later, I went through shit and failure in life and the thought popped again: What if I put an end to my life?! I feel that I was wrong since taking my life will not put an end to my problems. I need to face the issues in my life and I urge people going through trauma to speak to someone and be strong. Your are unique and special. You can do wonders.

Once, I read the biography of a very famous author who wanted to kill himself and he confided to his father who told him, “I am not dissuading you not to put and end to your life. Postpone the suicide plan for a week, months or a year and then you decide.” That says it all and I rest my case.




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31 thoughts on “Let’s not judge suicide victims!

  1. Judging someone is what we do without even thinking especially when it is a celebrity. As you pointed out, only they know the hell they went through. I just hope that each one of us is more in tune with our family, friends and loved ones because it is those people we can turn to in times of utter despair.

    1. This is the problem. As human beings, we become so judgemental boasting of our knowledge about almost everything. As they say, WALK MY PATH. So well said! This is what people need to be surrounded and provided emotional and human support in form of family and friends. Judging doesn’t solve the problem and if only they are reading to lend an ear to listen and a heart to understand

    2. it’s one of the attitudes of humanity – prejudices. peolpe with malicious mind would think negativities on that person. but for those who think the other side of the coin, they would empathize the person and would even help to uplift a person from the burden.

    1. Thank you so much, Bhagyashree. As humans, we tend to think we are the ones whose facing hell and it reminds me of the saying, “I thought I had no shoes till I saw the person who has no feet.”” Sometimes, a break is much needed.

  2. Suicidal tendencies!!!Probably each and everyone of us have passed thru this phase. Only a strong upbringing and support system helps you counter such now on and now off tendencies.

  3. A very touching note and a one with lots of sense. Life cannot be only a bed of roses and if its n’t , then still it is the precious gift which we can hardly redeem everafter. what we have is to valued and is to be channelized properly to keep ourselves balanced on the path of life. Suicide victims have had that urge to end the lives when they feel helpless and vulnerable,yet when they sit back and think after a while,the rage is gone and a fresh and clear perspective arrives…
    You have denoted this well in your sensitive post.

    1. It is so true, Soumya and as I said, I see no point denying what we’ve been through and the concept of success ideation. Let’s not make it taboo. You have beautifully understood what I wanted to convey on life which is beautiful. It’s so easy to crack down but victims need support and not judgement.

    1. I think it works like it did for the author and I tried to work out on arguments that can convince on the idea of postponemnet coz I have seen wonderful things working out when the victim dies. Howz about waiting for a while:) Hope this post can change one or two of our pre-conceived ideas about suicide and it is only then that I will consider that perhaps this post has served a purpose. I don’t want people to condemn a victim but understand and lend a patient ear.

  4. I was guilty of this.. When I read news about suicides for not able to watch a movie, not meeting a girl on fb etc.. I used to think what would the person make with his life if he/she was so silly to end it for these reasons. But I have realized that no reason is silly for the person who is going through that. It’s not the reason as such, but the pain and despair that makes a person resort to this. And the reason is just a last straw added to many other things going on in that person’s life.

    1. I think we should not condemn coz we are perpetuating the stigma associated with suicide. Let’s get rid of prejudices and not condemn people coz what we read on news channels is just one part of the story. What about parents who put so much pressure that the child cannot cope. I am happy you’ve been honest and I have also condemned the time I was a Philosophy student. I changed my attitude after reading different school of thoughts explained with gusto by my teacher.

  5. You have put it so nicely – about postponing the thoughts. It really is a matter of understanding that all moments – good or bad – shall pass. Life offers us a lot of such moments, and living indeed is the process of dealing with those.

  6. Very well said. You and I have a similar mindset with how suicide is perceived and addressed. It is not something that should be judged harshly, nor is it something that should be quickly and quietly swept under the proverbial rug, to be endless ignored. Respect is key, particularly when conversing with those who are left behind after a suicide death. Kindness, respect and compassion – those are the three words and behaviors that I needed when our family experienced a suicide death.

    – Dawn

    1. It is so true Dawn how we are responsible for the spread of suicide in society by indulging in rhetoric just for the sake of it. Sadly, people cannot offer a helping hand but will lack kindness, respect and compassion to the bereaved families. I find it revolting and sad that your family has witnessed such sick and pathetic mindset. How I wish we will become more compassionate! May you and ur family get strength to deal with the sad fact. Hope you are well and welcome to my space.

    1. Thanks, Anu Dev. As I said, it was a thought that was popping in the head, ‘suicide ideation.’ Your beautiful words make me on top of the world and I simply love ur blog:) It’s awesomely beautiful:)

  7. Again a great post Vishal…it’s human tendency to jump to conclusions immediately…I guess most of us have those dark days when we feel like leaving everything behind us…but if we have great family and friend support…we can win that battle too…well said Vishal…

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