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Ganpati Bappa Morya

Yay! Yipee! Ganesha visits today as we shout and sing by thumping our chest, Ganesh Chaturtichya applya sarvanya Hardhik Subhechya – Morya Re Bappa Morya Re. We waited for the day to come and as Ganesha visits, we dance to his tune coz we know Lord Ganesha will stay with us for a ten days. I miss the celebration in Mumbai and Pune where Ganesha bring the cities together where devotees, believers and non-believers will jam and dance by shouting his name loudly, “Ganpati Bappa Morya.’ I remember how Chowpatty Beach is jam-packed with the crowd, carrying Ganesha on the shoulder for immersion.

The celebration in Mumbai remain etched in my mind as pandals are erected in every nook-and-corner of the city to celebrate Ganesha and music is played  loud as traffic is brought to a halt. Kids, young and old revelers could be seen dancing during the celebration among the human frenzy in Happiness reloaded. The same celebration is held across other parts of Maharastra such as Pune as well as other parts of India to celebrate our super cool super hero, Ganesha. Let’s celebrate every moment of Ganpati’s visit and let’s pray for peace, togetherness as unity for India and the world.

I am putting some pictures of Ganesha that I clicked in a house that I visited in Mauritius where Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated and so miss as well yearn for the celebration in Mumbai and Pune. I am badly missing the places that I call home, Mumbai and Pune. How I wish I’ll be there soon to celebrate Ganpati Bappa. Here, making a wish to Ganesha, create a magic so that I visit Mumbai and Pune very soon.



Lord Ganesha beautifully adorned with flowers, sweets and decorations. Ganpati, our super hero, must be smiling on his cute and sweet welcome.


Ganpati celebration cannot be complete without Modak and ladoo.


Yummy Modak. I am dying to relish more and more.



Mom in saree performing the arati in honor of one of her favorite God.

Hope you enjoy the picture,

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganpati Bappa Morya




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