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Never say Goodbye to, SEVEN



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He switched on his laptop and mulls over what to write on the theme, ‘SEVEN’. After all, today is the last day for Write Tribe festival, but ideas are not flowing. He bends his head on the laptop to take a small nap, seriously hoping that some magical words will seep through his mind and soul. He fell asleep.


Seven Years Back:

The city was completely washed with the heavy rains that lashed during the day. Rohan dashed his way into the moving red colored BEST Bus that was jam packed with travelers who were a rush to reach home safely. He was completely drenched and stood behind the beautiful girl wearing a short Kurta on her jeans that was rolled below her knees. What struck him was her curly hair and the tilak on her forehand. The bus conductor asked in Marathi, ‘Kuthe?”

“Bandra,” he signals.

“Saat rupaiya (Seven rupees),” the old man, wearing  a pair of Kohlapuri chappal, scorns at him.

He forcefully put his hand in his wet and sticky jeans pocket and after struggling for a while, he finally removed his purse. He opened the purse and hit the panic button. He searched frantically and couldn’t find any single rupee. Forget the seven rupee.

The bus conductor grew impatient and gave him a menacing look. At the same moment, the curly-haired girl touches him on his shoulder and asks him to move  forward. She gave two crisp notes of Ten rupees to the bus conductor and said in Hindi, “Oye! Mama! Hum dono Saat hai. Kaat lena (We are together and take the fare).” The conductor was amused and before moving to other passengers, he said, “Kya hai yaar! Kaise kaise aadmi ghusta hai bus ke andaar (What kind of characters get into the bus).”

He smiles to her and she returns his favor. After one hour, the bus reaches Bandra Station and he dashes his way out of the bus and ran after his savior. He yelled, “Excuse me! Excuse!”

She turned around and replied in the Mumbaiya lingo, “Kya hai!”

“Thank you”

“It’s okay,” She replied and walked hurriedly.


The next day, he saw her at the same station and walked towards her, “This is your Seven rupees. I am sorry for yesterday and couldn’t thank you properly,” he said with a ten-rupee note in his hand.

She looked at him and smiled, “Chal! Let’s go to the shop over there, The tea is only Seven rupees and it’s your treat today.”

They ordered two cups of tea as he offered a handshake to introduce himself, “Hi! I am Rohan.”

She extended her right hand and spoke in a soothing voice, Koel.

He was awoken by a voice calling his name and the laptop almost fell down from his knees. Koel walked into the hall and sat on his lap. “Baby! What you are writing,” She asked playfully.

“What is that? Day 7: I am participating in the Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st-7th September 2013 (”, she repeated like a bird humming a song.

She teases him, “Like our famous Seven rupaiya bus ticket and chai during the Monsoon?!”

He grabbed Koyal’s arms and pushes her towards him and kissed her,”Koel! I love you, honey. Woohoo! I got my story.” They hugged each other tightly.


Today, I am feeling sad as the tremendous festival of words I call SUPER SEVEN is getting over. The response has been overwhelming as I connected with so many superbly and amazingly talented writers. The world is truly global and one cannot help feeling that we’ve been together and sitting over a conversation despite the fact that we are in different places across the world. For the first time, the stats and comments on my blog has hit a record high. What I loved the most about the challenge is the chemistry between us and how we were able to strike the right chord with each other. It has been an enriching experience reading so many blogs where I learned so much. I also learned that we need to compete with the self but learn from each other and that it is important to raise the bar higher and higher. Thank you, Corinne Rodrigues for making this journey wonderful.

I personally feel that Seven days is not enough and that’s why I continued the challenge on the other blog, without making an entry to the competition. No doubt, it was a tiring and uphill task but at the same time, endearing and full of fun. I made new friends and hope we can keep in touch with each other through Facebook and Twitter. Shit! I don’t wanna it to get over but all good things in life end. I am making a suggestion on creating a fan page for the Write Tribe Festival of Words so that we remain in touch. I hope some of us become good friends as our relationship evolve over time and why not meet one day.

Truly Write Tribe. It’s been an amazing Seven Days journey to be cherished forever and a life time experience.

With Love

V for (Vishal)



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

47 thoughts on “Never say Goodbye to, SEVEN

  1. I wish the story was longer. 😦 When it comes to stories, I like them longer. 🙂
    Yup, the festival is ending indeed. It was taxing as well as amazing, a great learning experience.

    1. Thanks so much, Sheela. I tried to experiment and connect the challenge with the story. I wasn’t sure how it will come up and with your comment..I am happy it worked. It warmed the heart many of you wonderful people like it:)

  2. I loved the seven click which I believe is your second time. The whole sevens and their role in the story was very charming. And well Vishal we will always keep in touch! And there is always a prompt or two on the write tribe sight, which can help her stay connected 🙂


    1. Thanks a zillion, Richa and M smiling. Must say love ur series on different people and it’s a novel concept. I gotta download ur novel as well. For sure, we will keep in touch and already liked Philospher’s Stone. It was fab:)

      1. thanks a lot Vishal 🙂 I hope you download the novel, looking forward to your opinion on that too 🙂 and yes here is to keeping in touch 🙂

      2. I will download and read the novel. By the way, I have started on ma rom-com and need some advice from u..inputs to write and keep the readers engaged. Some 50 words already typed:)

  3. Nice small cute story to end the Festival with and yes, all of us had a lot of fun during the Seven Day Festival, didn’t we 😀

    1. Thanks, Sayantini:) In fact, I wanted to make it longer but though that since it is for the tribe, let’s make it not too long. Also, there is also the risk of getting dragged and losing the freshness. But, some more rom-com will come up and why not a continuity. Love ur kind words and ur blog, of course:)

  4. Sweet story! I like your idea of a page or group on FB (though that can become a time-sink and a way to AVOID writing, it would be nice to keep in touch beyond this past week). I think seven days is about right – more than 30 is a fast ticket to burnout. I find myself rebelling when I get tired, and then writing LESS than I might, otherwise. But a week? I kept telling myself, “You can do this… you do NOT want to admit failure, it’s only SEVEN days.” 😉

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, too.

    1. Welcome Holly. I mean u right it shdn’t be a place to time sink but to remain in touch and get to know bout each others’ work. Certainly, SEVEN days are enough and already feeling burn out a lil bit. We have done it and thanks for liking the story:)

      1. Thank you. Yes, I’ve done TEN WEEK blogging competitions, and I think “Never again,” although I know better than to say “Never.” It’s too much; not while the adrenaline’s flowing, but afterwards, when there’s none left. Seven’s a good stretch – a challenge enough, most days. It’s like the old saying: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

      2. Oh, I’m “seasoned” enough, but I also have a full-time job, a family, and a thousand other ways to choose to spend my time. If the blogging becomes a “chore,” it can easily fall to last place on my to-do list!

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