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Seven Lessons taught by my Teachers’

Today is Day Five of the Write Tribe Festival of Words. I am participating in the Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st-7th September 2013 (, I choose to write on the seven lessons learned from my teachers on the occasion of Teachers’ Day.


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 Today, September 5, we celebrate Teachers’ Day. It is a day when we reflect and remember fondly the life lessons beautifully taught by our teachers’ in class. A good teacher can change our perceptions about life and evoke the spiritual side in us.  I have been fortunate to have such wonderful teachers that I call my spiritual parents who not only changed my beliefs but re-affirmed my faith in life. Today’s Seven is a humble attempt to pay a tribute to my wonderful teachers.

teachers day1. Always take a stand in life

I was a student of Philosophy during my graduation at Fergusson College in Pune and was lucky to have Lobo Sir as the most brilliant teacher. Sir always encouraged discussions on various topics such as ethics, sexuality and religion. We were always urged to take a stand and he encouraged us to never stay passive in life. I was a shy and quiet student but Sir’s teachings shaped my beliefs on the need to speak out on issues. This is what I do on blogs and never stay silent on discrimination and unfair practices. Always speak out.

2. Question beliefs and the self

We are the product of beliefs designed in society. We need to not only question beliefs and the self if we want to grow and breath free in the society that we live. After all, what is the basis of living as a unique entity if we are not able to question self-imposed beliefs by a fellow human being who not only has strengths but also weaknesses?  I believe that for the mind to be free of prejudices, we need to assert ourselves by questioning beliefs and also, the SELF.

3. Give Selflessly

A good teacher is selfless and never abandon his or her weak students. I am witnessed it on Teachers’ Day in 2005 when I went to wish my Economics teacher, Bhalerao ma’am and took her blessings. She was touched by my gesture and told me, “I am not taking your class this year but. if you have any problem, come to the department and I will help you.” She helped me clear my KT/backlog in Economic papers with flying colors. I was visibly moved by her words of wisdom and selfless teachings that rises above the rest. I also learned a lesson in humility that day.

4. Be Honest

Always be honest and true to yourself.  My teachers, in particular Philosophy teacher , always offered us this advice through the class lecture and interactions. The bottom of the line is: Never Try To Be Someone Else and Don’t Go Over the Top or Impress Hard coz you are a unique specie.

5. Learning is an Art

I hate it when some teachers make learning sound like rocket science or the toughest thing to do in the world. I speak from experience since I had the worse Maths teacher who screwed my love for the subject and turned me into a dumb student. Megha ma’am was my Psychology teacher for three months and she taught us the brilliant subject by doing jigs in class, moving and stretching her body. Learning is an art form.

6. Discipline

The secret to learning is discipline and it’s one of the reasons I admire the army people a lot. They have achieved so much in life through discipline and by following a rigid pattern of life such as waking up early to attend one’s chores. My teachers taught me the essence of discipline by following a neat pattern in course work by properly underlining the topics I am working on and do my work in a timely fashion. It’s another thing that I am yet to follow strict pattern of sleeping in time and not postponing my stuffs. That’s why I am still a student:)

7.  Kindness

I fondly remember my primary school teacher, Miss Soobratty, who is such a kind lady and who doted on me like her own son. She was full of compassion and wisdom. Often, Mom would drop me at her place and she would take me to school by holding my hands, There cannot be a better teacher than the one who is kind and humble to his or her students and luckily, I found the same qualities in my teachers in college. Speaking of wisdom, I think the small snippets shared by Amitabh Bachchan about life on Kaun Banega Crorepati makes for great teaching in life.

What are the lessons you have learned from your spiritual parents? I am keen to know and let’s share i during the festival words. I shall leave you with one of my favorite songs which I dedicate for my teachers. It’s from Mahesh Bhatt’s Sir and beautifully sung by Kumar Shanu. Enjoy and Happy Teachers’ Day.



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

42 thoughts on “Seven Lessons taught by my Teachers’

  1. Unfortunately I’ve been never close to my teachers. Always shied away from them. Maybe I never had the confidence to talk to them…their presence always petrified me. So, i found no spiritual gurus in my teachers, my mom was and is still my spiritual guru.

    1. Till 10th I was never close to them since they scared me and was petrified like hell. They were the epitome of the traditional teachers who treat students like lesser beings. But, I am glad that in 12th and college, met my spiritual parents for which i am eternally grateful to life:)

  2. You know what I liked about this post was that you didn’t allow it to become a treacly ode to teachers. You mentioned the good ones but you also talked about the bad, and that the onus of making oneself an upright person also depends on our own ability to stay disciplined and be open to learn.
    Good post!

  3. Great tribute to your teachers. I think they are so important in our lives because after parents, we spend most of our time with our teachers!

  4. very glad you included the morals and values that they tried to teach as teachers. It is a kind of respect you paid by writing and remembering those days and things.

  5. Loved both your post and the song ! I can related to what you have said, teachers have a definite role, and I am glad for all the experiences you have had from your teachers. Thanks for sharing !

    1. This is so true, Kajol. Great line: the way that we react do people has a lot to do with our own learning. wow! I learned something valuable from u on Teacher’s Day. Thanks, I take a bow:)

  6. Teachers are/were a part of adjectives and taught us valuable lessons in our life, which we treasure till today!

    Beautiful seven lessons and I remember learning all of them from one or the other!

    1. Hey Preeti! This is the best lesson I can learn and self belief, unafraid to take risks coz once we get the confidence, nobody can prevent us from taking risk. You know! I’ve risked everything by resigning from a job despite that have a loan and EMI. Hopefully, I should get a job. It’s a bad phase but I am happy I took a decision. The teachings of my teachers reflected on

  7. Vishal in the brief time that I have interacted with you I am struck by your ability to find goodness all around you and be willing to acknowledge the smallest of things with sincere gratitude. That’s a very endearing quality and will take you places, my friend. Many of us receive kindness from our teachers’, but few of us remember it, much less acknowledge it.

    1. I am so honored by your kind words, Corinne. Coming from a prolific and talented blogger like you, it means a lot. We should always remember our teachers and it’s a humble way to honor their contribution in our life.

  8. The song reminded me of the movie “To Sir With Love”. 7 very good lessons. Discipline is something that is sadly lacking in a lot of youngsters these days.

  9. What a nice post about the teachers who’ve helped shape your life. I have friends who are teachers and I know they would be honored if they made a lasting impact in some of their students’ lives. There are a few teachers that I remember fondly. My second grade teacher, for her kindness, even with my extreme shyness, my junior high band teacher for having confidence in my abilities when I didn’t have any in myself, and my fourth grade teacher, who taught me that the world isn’t fair and perfection wasn’t a realistic goal. (Okay, that last one isn’t a fond memory, but she did teach me valuable lessons, all because my brother was a terror in her class four years before me. Yeah, she deserved everything he gave her :))

    1. I am sure your friends have played an important part in shaping the lives of their students. It’s awesome to have such great teachers and a good teacher need to be confident in his or her students’ abilities. That’s passion for me and differentiate the teachers from the rest, Wow! It’s the best lesson to tell the world isn’t fair. I also had my share of bad teachers in primary and junior college since I was a slow learner and late developer..the lesser said about them, the better:( But, absolutely, love my teachers in college:)

  10. True that teachers teach much, much more than just what’s in the curriculum! There will be a few bad apples, though. You’ve aptly described them as Spiritual Parents.

    Note (to be deleted): In the first line, you’ve stated August 5 is Teacher’s Day. It should be Sep 5. Obviously a ‘slip of the fingers’!

    1. They are our spiritual parents:) Oh! It’s a major goof up and will be deleted immediately. Teaching is all about passion and goes beyond academics and learning is for life, to produce better young man and women who think in a creative manner. Thanks a ton:0

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