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Seven things I love doing during the day

Day 3 of the Write Tribe festival is half-way through and lil’ did I realize that I need to put on the cloak of creativity and get set, go. In case, you’ve forgotten bout’ the Power of Seven and well, dearies, I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st – 7th September 2013 (


We all love doing our favorite things during the day. Right?! Well, how can I be left behind in spelling out the stuffs that I love doing or at least pretend to do 🙂 during the day. Here, you go!

1. Freshly brewed coffee


Nopes! I am not preparing myself to become the next best barrista in tinsel town. Ahem! ahem! I love drinking coffee in my favorite red-colored Nescafe mug and cannot imagine starting the day without the freshly brewed cup of coffee.  Guess, the brain has been wired and re-designed in a way that it smells coffee beans as oil that kick start the engine of ‘thinking-process’. Not a dull day without coffee grains.

2. Fodder for thought


Reading is the oxygen of life without which I cannot breath. It can be my daily dose of online newspapers such as Times of India, Hindustan Times or Guardian and no day can start without surfing for news materials online. It provides fodder for thought and is my breakfast of thinking. I can’t live without reading books and it’s another story that I am yet to start with Amish’s Oath of Vyaputras.

3. Blogging


An avid reader needs to write and design his thought-process in such a way that he derives soulful experience. I yearn for mental satisfaction through writing/ blogging and it is the only solace during rough times. Writing brings me a quota of happiness in life and I derive more pleasure in reading blogs of like minded souls and love the interaction among birds of the same feathers. At times, I just need to vent out and it can take shape in the form of long diatribe, poems or short stories.

4. Devil called, ‘Social networking’


Ahem! Ahem! How I wish  Icould survive without Facebook or Twitter.? I just need to log on those networking sites, check my updates, silly tweets and put some random stuff on my facebook status. Guilty, I am for indulging in the silly pleasures of social networking and hope I can do without them. Gosh! It’s a confession and wonder what the sentence for such a crime will be ?! Speak about guilty pleasure!

5. Film buff


What happens when you are a film buff and can’t survive without watching movies? woohoo! Ask me! I am a regular movie buff who can’t do without movies and many times, I may just sit watching some crap movies on the lap-top. I need to watch at least three movies in a week. Well! I’ve been a film critic as well. That’s the tragedy of being a movie buff and fighting over your favorite stars..mine is Mr Amitabh Bachchan. Are you one?!

6. I’m an Idiot in a Box

idiot box

No! No! Don’t fucking freak out as nobody has handcuffed me and put me in a box. No more scares being sent down your spine after yesterday’s short story..err! I have been re-christened adept of the Idiot Box. Babe! It means TV. I am forever glued to news channels of the likes of NDTV and Headlines Today, entertainment quarters, MTV Splitsvilla and Coke Studio and, of course, Jhalak Dikla Jaa and Comedy Nights with Kapil..I know, brownie points. Wait! I can still claim victory coz I abhor and hate soap operas of the likes of Saas-Bahu and so, no Ekta Kapoor for me on the small screen. hieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

7.  Chit-chat


Idhar Udhar ki baaatein wagaira wagaira ( For non Hindi speaking. speaking this and that, full on time pass) on you know what, G-chat! Yeah! I spend the day chatting with my friends who are sitting somewhere across the globe as we speak about almost anything. It can be the weather, movies, gals and guyz and what they are up-to!

Gals and Guyz, I wanna know your list of the day and feel free to add. Okie dokie! I know, it’s lil bit of cheating after yesterday’s Power of Seven and it seemed that the eerie is making me lazy to think bigger and better.

With Love


With Love



Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

54 thoughts on “Seven things I love doing during the day

      1. It’s just a very informal from your heart post… I enjoyed reading it, so I don’t really agree with your quality concern! 🙂

  1. Nice post, have to say that most of your likes and mine are extremely similar, and therefore I have clicked on the FOLLOW button on your blog to keep myself updated of your latest posts 🙂

    1. hehe! I drink both tea and coffee with same passion. sorry! It must be typos on the blog and I mean colored mug of Nescafe. Apologies coz I know how you feel about language blunder 🙂

  2. I love blogging, am a movie buff (you know that, right?!) and of course I watch a lot of TV too…no saas bahu for me toooo…..ewww…i love comedy nights with kapil and watch a lot of English sitcoms on Star Word, Zee Cafe & Comedy Central…..I also love watching Bolly trivia on Zoom and UTV stars …hee hee 🙂

    1. Ya! Of course! You are part of the film club. me too! hate that Saas Bahu! Love Kapil’ show and need to catch with Comedy Central. cheerz and glad to see so many of us having similar interets::)

  3. Checking Face Book for God only knows what is addicting! My soon to be 13 year old was just recently allowed to have her own account and she simply has to check the status of her friends as well. LOL

    1. heheh! I have this bad FB habit and gosh! It’s a world shez experiencing and don’t blame her coz been there and did that:) A big step into adulthood and my warm wishes to her::)

  4. Here in NZ, mostly everyone drinks plunger coffee. Oh my God! That smell of freshly brewed coffee is so, so, so tempting, it hits the brain. The aroma is always wafting through the pantry area on my floor of office. It takes all my will power to not have a cup. I am forbidden from coffee 😦 So i cant imagine not starting my day with a steaming cup of tea instead, then NZ news, then blogs, then Indian news..and work obviously in between. I love cooking and am pretty decent one at that. So i surf for recipies, videos and conjure things i want to make for supper. This is what I do on a day to day basis. And oh yes, the exhausting task of looking for suitable jobs

    1. Gosh! Zinal, lucky lady! How do u stay away from such amazing coffee? Spot on! It hits the brain. I am so bad at cooking that I stay away. Me too, can’t stay away frm Indian newd. I swear job hunting is quite a task. Love ur list:)

  5. Vishal am surprised that its my first or second visit to your blog.
    Interesting post. I am more of a chai person than coffee…and a guy loving to chit chat…surprising! there are few who can admit.

    1. Welcome here, Sugandha. The blog is honored to host you. Well! I am both a tea and coffee lover. C’mom we are all hooked to FB/G chat and it’s time to come out of the closet:)

  6. Except for the idiot box everything’s in my list too.
    And the coffee esp! And that too in my BIG coffee cup!!!! 😀

      1. No Vishal…I have been out of the movie circle for sometime now…I think the one I watched last in the theater was ‘English Vinglish’… My movies are now limited to what’s available on YouTube!

  7. What a fun exercise to think of seven things you like to do each day. (I’m not a coffee drinker myself, but I enjoy the aroma of my husband’s coffee!) TV isn’t all bad. I don’t watch too much of it (no time) but I do find that it’s a good time to spend time with my kids and to see what kinds of things they like to watch.

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