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O’ King! Where is your justice?

I dedicate this poem to the court judgement who remanded the so-called minor who raped Nirbhaya to less than three years to the Juvenile home. It was the most upsetting judgement in line with the archaic and obsolete. There is a sense that a lack of justice has prevailed and the court took so long to insult the memory of Nirbhaya. The so-called adolescent who is 18 years will spend less than three years in a juvenile home and I find it tragic that the law has failed to deter crime and sexual violence against women.



O’ council of Ministers and king!

Why is your Kingdom so ruthless?

The forces of evils raped the innocent girl and ripped her soul apart.

We thought you will deliver justice.

O’ King! You make rhetoric speeches bout’ justice.

Her parents trusted you as the king and apostle of justice.

Yet! You judged the criminal as adolescent!

You sentenced him to less than three years in a home laden with facilities.

Your people are disappointed.

Be prepared to face the fury of the people.

The dreaded criminal will be sent to the gallows of death, the parents of the beautiful girl hoped so.

After all, they took utmost care to bring up their daughter in this world.

She was their pride, the pride of your Kingdom as she discovered herbal plants for the benefit of the throne and it’s people.

She was our pride.

This is how you honor her, your majesty?

Your only excuse is the provision of the law?

Why you didn’t deliver justice, O’ learned King and dispenser of wisdom?

Why you didn’t change your old, sacrosanct law to honor her memory?

Is it a crime being born a girl in your Kingdom?

O’ King, the people need justice!

We cry, Justice for her! Justice for your subjects!

The age of the adolescent is no excuse for crime!

His gang will go on rampage since they have no fear of justice.

O! Great King! You listened to the advocates of life and reform.

Such a dangerous criminal and pervert cannot be reformed.

Why you listen to their counsel?

They are speaking because the beautiful girl bear no relation to them.

We, the people, are shocked and dismayed at your poor judgement.

Accept my humble respect, O’ great King.

Sleep well!




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

18 thoughts on “O’ King! Where is your justice?

  1. This judgment was a utter mockery of the so called ‘law’.
    Your poem has captured what’s in the minds of thousands of frustrated and angry Indians! Hope our cries are heard…

    1. Well said, Aditi:) It’s a big mockery of the justice system. Indians across the globe are incensed at this ridiculous verdict. First, the guy is found guilty of rape and murder and then, he is confined to juvenile home for less than two and a half years. Somebody, please explain to me!!!!!1

  2. Nirbhaya: A name that spelt fearlessness is going to haunt my memories forever. No way, that minor rapist (who decides he’s minor, heck with the age man) should go scotfree. Considering the gravity of the crime he should be held under the “rarest of the rare’ crime cases. To hell with the judges and the Indian Law if they allow this rapist to go scotfree after 3 years. How can women’s right activist be so quite in such issues. I believe there should have been a dharna everywhere.

    1. The Indian law on rape and sexual violence is ridiculous. Nirbhaya (The fearless) stayed with us forever and I am amazed as to how the judges decided he is minor. In a case in UK, a ten-year-old was judged as an adult for killing another kid. Those women activists of the likes of Flavia Agnes are speaking of reform and re-integrating this criminal in society since Nirbhaya is not related to her likes. I seriously doubt whether Agnes will say the same if a member of their family or relative was raped.

    1. This is the problem with the lax law as the so-called juvenile guy is going scot-free. Rather than curbing punishment, a strong signal has been sen to rapists signalling nothing will happen to you. It’s such a sad state of affair and ridiculous law prevails in the country.

  3. I seriously wish to know what was happening in that Judge’s head while he was literally saving that criminal. Why save someone who doesn’t have a pinch of human self in him?

    Powerful poem portraying many of ours thoughts and frustrations.

    1. I swear and this is so ridiculous. He cannot be called human, seeing his dastard and violent act. I mean, he was the most violent of the lot. What pinches the heart is that Nirbhaya’s parents had so much hope that lil’ bit of justice will be restored. What a shame!

  4. Heartwarming Vishal. I dont feel like saying anything about Nirbhaya case.Our judiciary is one spineless institution.Witness , testimonies clear cut case and outcome zero…Whom to blame?? We can only rave n rant here.
    I am ashamed & SAD………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..:(

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