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Seven Lessons I’ve Learned from Life

Finally the wait is over!. We all waited for the day and no prize for guessing! It’s the 1st Write Tribe Festival of Words under the theme, Seven. In life, we learn so many lessons and few of them are worth a life time that has a bearing on our entire existence and helps shape success in both our person and professional life.



I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words ( 1st – 7th September 2013.

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1. Dad’s philosophy of giving

During a conversation at the dining table,  Dad once told me, “I love you a lot, son. You should always be grateful to life and be loving to people. God doesn’t like it when we become selfish in life and we should always speak good about people and shower them with love.”

It is one of the best lessons I learned from Dad on the need to become loving human beings and to be grateful to what life has given to us. This is the power of kindness, love and gratitude that no university across the globe can teach us.

2. Mom’s funda of sharing

It was the new year party and I was sharing mint chocolate with the kids and grown-ups in the hall. There were few kids playing and the six-months old was crawling on the floor. I didn’t offer chocolate to the baby, thinking that he is too small and perhaps a bite might harm him. Mom told me, “See, he is looking at you and you are shared chocolate with everyone by nicely ignoring the baby. Do one thing, take a bite and smear it on his lips. That’s way he will not feel hurt or feel that you have not given to him.” I complied to mom’s order and the lil’ thing was smiling.

By sharing we spread love around us and blessed are the souls that can bring a smile on the face of a child or any other person.

3. Always check your phone

I was having a conversation with the manager of Oberoi Hotel in Delhi, Akanksha, during one of my international assignment last year. The phone beeped and I ignored the sms since we were in the middle of a conversation and didn’t want to come across as rude. Akanksha told me, “Vishal! It’s ok and make sure you always check your phone. Remember, you are a journalist.” It’s one of the best professional lesson I learned from someone who worked as a journalist for ten years in India and UK.

4.  Don’t  repeat the Same Mistakes in Life, Make New Mistakes

It was during the time, I was working as a sub-editor and journalist. While editing a full page without ads, I made a gross mistake and couldn’t sleep at all at night fearing my boss will kill me.The next day, boss called me and asked what happened. Before she finished with the inputs, she said few powerful words that remained etched in my mind forever. “Don’t repeat the same mistakes. always make new ones.” This is a powerful professional advice that one should apply in real life if we want to grow and achieve greatness.

5. We are the best judge of our ‘self’

This lesson was given to me by different people in my life, including, my boss, a good friend and college senior I looked up to and so many soulful people I have met.  Very often,we tend to be influenced by the opinions of other people that shape our beliefs and it tend to reflect our abilities to perform in life. You often forget that there can’t be a better person who know you better and who can be the best judge. It is YOU.

6,  Be a professional at work

Many of us know the golden rule at work but we tend to forget as we bond over friendship or indulge petty squabbles. It’s an invaluable lesson my boss gave to me, “Be professional and do your job. Remember, there is no friends at the work place. Irrespective of what we think, I believe in this rule at the work place.

7. Fight for your right

I still recall the day I received the news that Dad is battling for his life and has sunk into coma. I was staying in the hostel in Mumbai and Anwar, one of my local friends told me, “Dude, you are an Indian. Always fight for your right.” This advice always ring in my ears.





Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

32 thoughts on “Seven Lessons I’ve Learned from Life

  1. Vishal, I was so much engrossed in reading your post that I did not see the message in my phone.And lo, I find this as a lesson for life. It is true that we learn numerous lessons from life. A great post. Loved reading it. See you tomorrow.

    1. Thank you so much. They are invaluable lessons in life that paves the way for self-growth in life. Thanks a ton, Soumya though I feel the write-up was badly edited and need correction:)

  2. Yes, its extremely important to avoid getting involved in petty squabbles, gossiping and back biting at work place. Its pretty unhealthy and no good comes out of it. We often forget that someone else must be doing that behind our backs too.

    1. That’s so true, Zinal. It is something common in office but we often forget we are professionals and it’s pointless backbiting and gossiping. It creates a bad name for ourselves and what goes around, comes around:)

  3. Some wonderful learnings here!! Regarding check your phone… I have seen that when we sent something really urgent and important to someone, at that time the phone is never checked otherwise the same person is seen forever glued to his/her phone! 😀

    1. Thanks a ton Shilpa and they are wonderful and invaluable lessons of life. This is so true and wonder why we shy away from checking something urgent while we are so hooked to the phone for mundane reasons!

    1. Life has so much to teach us and as long as we keep an open mind, the gateway for self-growth will be opened forever, I am glad the post has been useful and it’s been an upward learning curve for me:) Thanks a ton, Smitha::)

  4. We do lot of mistakes in life. I cant even give them numbers but the way you have put through all your points really those seems connected to every common man…
    nice and clear post!
    keep sharing Vishal!

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