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Snippet of a conversation with nine-year-old niece

You know, I know my mom is your cousin.

How do you know?

C’mon, it’s called logic dude!


I call you, mama!

How intelligent!

That I am. (showing attitude and smiling)

Do you have foes in school? , I try irritating her.

Noooo! I have lotsa friends. Sometimes, we fight but we end up making up. I don’t have enemies. The whole class are my friends. Listen mama! I gotta ask you a question!

Hmm, I smile. I love the innocence on her face.

She start speaking in French.

(Tu sais) know, You are moi favorite, mama.

She jumps and hug me. I kiss her on the forehead.

You know mama?

Yeah, Queen Mother tell me?

Shut up! I am not Queen Mother. Don’t intervene when I speak coz you make me forget everything, mama.

I make faces.

Listen mama! You know I am no longer cute.

Who told you so? Of course, You are cute.

No! No! You don’t know anything. When I was a baby, I was cute.

What follows is a laughing riot as we argue and she relents.

Ok! I am cute. Happy?

Of course, I am. (I wonder whether I am the one who should be

She flashes her million dollar smile….

Another conversation, dinner table.

Gosh! Been assigned an uphill task of sitting with four kids on the dining table. They are not eating and it’s quite headache supervising kids over petty squabbles and their chatter box session


Listen, you all eat in silence or else..


(Getting irritated) Listen, one last time.

I shout at the niece.

Listen Mama! You don’t have the right to shout at me, she says.

Please tell me why?

Coz I am your daughter.

Can it get more amusing than that? I let off an amusing smile.

They finished lunched in an hour.

Good Morning




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15 thoughts on “Snippet of a conversation with nine-year-old niece

    1. Gosh! I see so much anger in U, angry young lady::) Nah,actually they were taking lotsa time, shouting and all. Yeah, they have full right to banter and squabble. It ended with a laugh:)

  1. I remember how my niece Simone will call me at odd hours while we were int the US to play guess the capital… Once she called to tell me that I should not put laptop as it is not safe. she heard this on some news channel..

    Best thing was when she would call and not say a word ..why? because she is annoyed with me for not coming to see her every month from US. So she will call and then not speak a word or hide under table or cover her face on a Skype call

    1. I swear Baldeep, that’s how kids are. If I meet my niece after months, she will show a sullen face. Last year, I had to travel for work and shez like it’s not okay and why you need to go? lol wow, Simone is so mature for ur laptop and today’s kids are so smart. Wow! It’s so cute, showing her anger by choosing silence,,lolz and that make them so innocent in this ruthless world::)

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