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Diary of Self-confessed Saturday lover


They say a picture speaks thousand words and various expressions in the modicum of the drama called Life. After a strenuous but refreshing session of morning Yoga on Saturday, the body metabolism was treated to the classic Capuccino, banana and muffin. Saturday started smoothly but it’s another story that’s the afternoon was spent expressing anger over the court judgement in the Nirbhaya rape case. Guess, destiny tend to play spoil sport at times but not letting the conservative judgement break me up, let me recite an account of my lovely week end that start from Saturday. I wait for the week end to unfold itself!!!

Did I tell you guys that I got my laptop back on Thursday?! It’s very peaceful working on the laptop and got it back after a month, the time the company takes for repair. I just hate working on the four-year-old desktop which keep freezing on and off and trust me, it is a fucking royal pain in the ass when you are in the middle of the blog post or writing on Word Document. Plus, the wifi connection get so slow on the gud ole’ desktop.

It’s another story before I got the laptop back. In the flick of time, the desktop stopped working and was having problem switching it on and off at a time when I was working on a post for the other blog, I called my neighbor, Brian, a computer geek, who checked the comp and it turned out that there were issues with ground power. He advised to stay away from it since there is a risk of electrocution. Lol! I don’t wanna be like the characters in Andaz Apna Apna and thanks for the Wifi, I connected on the Ipad and fone.

Next day, I collected the laptop and it’s an aha moment of life. i feel so complete with the laptop and I am tempted to say, ‘Not Without My Laptop.’ I value the laptop even more and the guys told me ki they replaced the LCD screen and cable. Wow! I realized the worth of the laptop and the hall as well as the couch has been shifted into work location where I sit, blog and read during the day. Plus, TV is also there and I just go for a nap on the couch. I go to sleep on the bed when the time calls.

Major announcement: I shifted from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome on Friday night. I was lazing on the couch and I am like, lemme give a shot. The result is simply fabulous and am relishing every moment of Google Chrome which is more sexy, easier to use, light and like mint chocolate ice-cream. I am absolutely in love with Google Chrome which is so smooth and light. At a glance, it is super awesome. I used Firefox for five years now and was getting lil’ bored, not that it’s bad but something was missing in life. Subsequently, it was getting slow. So, what are you waiting for? Just shift to Google Chrome and you’ll love the experience. It’s simply thrilling and enthralling

I love my weekend and it’s an all out Idiot Box experience where reading and other creative work take a back seat. It starts with Saturday evening watching Splitsvilla and Coke Studio on MTV. See, I am very busy on Saturday and the evening till midnight is spent watching Jhalak Dikla Jaa and Comedy Show with Kapil. Speaking of JDJ, can’t get enough of Madhuri Dixit and breath-taking performance of ace dancers like Puneet-Loren, Drishti, Shaan-Sneha and, of course, wonder kids Shonali and Suman. By the way, Shonali is so cute and adorable when she says Thank You, Sir & Ma’am. She is simply fab as a dancer. The TV affair ongoing romance continues on Sunday with JDJ and Kapil Comedy Show.

The good mood went for a toss as I was red with anger when I saw on TV that the so-called minor who brutalized and killed Nirbhaya was given three years in a juvenile home despite being found guilty for rape and murder. I am aghast and, What The Fuck?! Seriously, what kind of message is being sent to pervs and dreaded criminals? You are under age and if you rape and kill a woman, destroy the dreams of parents, you will be let off scot-free. No country for women, seriously. To hell with such archaic and out-dated law of the jungle, we are back to stone age. As Nirbhaya father said, it’s a sin being born a girl. I may come back with a post tonight or perhaps tomorrow. I am too upset to express myself, right now.

On a lighter note, Sunday is normally reserved for Photo Features but since I signed up for Write Tribe-Festival of Words from September 1 to 7. So, I am super excited about the project and gotta go through the inputs provided by the wonderful Corinne. Hold your breath! I am gonna come up with my favorite TV Ads.

Till then, wish you all an awesome weekend.

Lotsa Love N Keep the faith





Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

10 thoughts on “Diary of Self-confessed Saturday lover

      1. Good morning my LOVE:))
        Are you okay on my Wpseite???
        Because my Wpseite had changed.You a beautiful SonnTAG.Herzlichst Andrea

  1. Even I fumed on the verdict… Pathetic!!

    So you a Yoga fellow…good for you! Keep it up!

    And all the best for the Write tribe 🙂 I’m in too!

    1. I swear and was so shocked. I mean wtf and what bout the parents and brother who lost their everything. Saw her dad and mom crying on TV and I humanity has lost its basic sense. Justice was the only solace for them and judges prefer going by the book rather than giving justice.

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