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You are a Punekar when..

Hey folks, I came across this beautiful forward on Facebook. As you know, I am self-claimed Punekar where I spent five to six years of my life. I adore the city which I call my own and I am sure so many of you who stay in the city, lived there and who visited will agree with the characteristics of Punekar. I love the Marathi slang in it. A big thank you to Chinmay Datar who wrote it on his blog and updated the post since FB has a new update giving due credit to the rightful owner. Check his blog

Happy Reading this post and have unlimited fun. Not bad for a Friday, na and see ya.

Have a lovely weekend.

Lotsa Love


YouAreAPunekarWhen you use these words almost everyday.

1. Awraa…This word has no parallel in English. If anyone says or does something extraordinary, the typical reaction is “Awraa…” (prolong the end.. the emotions overflow if you sustain the end)

2. Vadheev… A suitable English word would be a whimsical person or an act. Initially it was used to describe a person, by saying stuff such as ‘Kay vadheev ahe to’. But soon enough its other forms started appearing. Vadheevpana, vadheevgiri etc.

3. Haramya.. An adjective used to describe a devious person. Someone who says something and does the opposite.

4. Chhapri.. A mild way to curse a person. It means that a person has no standards. Associated with banter only.

5. Ghanta.. literally means bell. But in puneri Marathi it is a word to express deep disbelief at someones actions.

6. Barrr…. a conversation stopper. It literally means OK. But in the rudest of the rude Puneri ethos, this is said when the person opposite is boring you to death.

7. Kamaal… Something amazing. If anything or anyone is out of this world, this word is used to describe.

8. Balach.. Nonsensical. Used to dismiss claims made by the other person.

9. Bhurtya.. Used to describe a person who acts like an idiot. a sugar coated swear word for a waif individual.

10. Dokyat jau nako! Used to silence the person opposite if he is making outrageous claims.

11. Edya layee bhaari.. word to word, it means Awesomely Amazing!

12. Full Hawa.. Means show off..

13. Fukat hawa… unnecessary show off.

14. Ashakkya! means impossible, and is used to describe a variety of things ranging from boredom to enjoyment

15. Ghari Ja! An exclamation to tell the other person to stop meaningless argument. Literally means”Go Home”

16. Ek Numberr/ Vishesshh!! Means Awesome!

17. Aai chya gavat! Means In mother’s village. But in puneri Marathi, it is a phrase used to describe surprise.

18. Full Radaaa… means a brawl, or mismanagement or any other activity which leads to chaos.

19. Matter zala.. means someone is in trouble



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8 thoughts on “You are a Punekar when..

  1. Interesting expressions! But sadly can’t relate to any! I’ve never lives in Pune or Mumbai…and you know the irony…I WAS BORN IN PUNE (papa got transfered when I was barely 6 months old :()!! I’ve heard so much abt the city n wish to visit the place….soon…sigh!!

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