Mumbai Diary: Hunting for Brad


I got down at Churchgate Station and braved my way out of the station, battling the mammoth crowd flocking their way inside the local train. Relieved! I managed to get my way out of the station and grabbed copies of Economic Times, Times of India and Mid-day. I paid some seven bucks for the newspapers which I slipped inside my back pack. I stood for a while and lit a cigarette.

As I watched the yellow-and-black cabs, BEST buses, cars honking their way and college students walking their way, I wonder how Mumbai can sustain millions, armed with dreams in their eyes and hope to make it big in Maximum City. All of a sudden, I witnessed a flurry of abnormal activity taking place with camera guys running, TV crew stationed and reporters behaving as if some may hem is going to take place. Why should I be surprised? After all, it’s Mumbai and abnormal activities happen in the city. Suddenly, I saw reporters and photographers running, “He’s here. Let’s catch him.”


A group of people stood still in their tracks as if they have spotted some unidentified flying object. I couldn’t understand what was happening and wondered what those guys just saw. In the flick of seconds, a well-built and athletic guy was sprinting his way along A-Road Churchgate followed in his track by TV reporters, photographers and journalists. Gosh! That was him. I couldn’t believe what I just saw. It was Brad Pritt running for his life as he was being frantically pursued by journalists along Churchgate Station. I was gasping for breath and it sounded as if I was watching a Hollywood action pot-boiler live on the streets of Mumbai.

Mumbai is a city totally worthy for what we witness. I got a free ride in seeing the Hollywood Hunk who run like Usain Bolt and wondered what the latter would do if he saw Brad Pitt in this avatar. I bet Bolt would run along , thinking that Brad Pritt is sprinting in a competition in Mumbai. No prize for guessing who will win? Ask Angelina Jolie. What a Mighty Heart!



6 thoughts on “Mumbai Diary: Hunting for Brad

    • Ya still remember. It was in 2006 when I just shifted to Mumbai. I was out of church gate station and couldn’t understand what was happening till I saw Brad Pitt running for his life:)

  1. I really feel sad for celebrities!

    I have seen only one celebrity up close in my entire life, a Bengali singer Suman Chatterjee- he happens to be one of my favourite singers too 🙂

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