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Letter to Nirbhaya




Dear Nirbhaya,

You are known as the daughter of India. For some you are Damini and Amaanat. I prefer calling you Nirbhaya. But, the truth is that you were a very young and promising young girl with dreams in your eyes. Writetribe asked to write about a stranger who made an impression on me and I can’t describe how you made my world stopped. I joined millions of people who prayed for you so that your life is saved and I broke up into tears when you departed from the body. We really believed that you would be able to survive and make it!

Brave girl, Nirbhaya. You fought till the end not just for yourself but for thousands of girls who are raped and killed by those sadists and despo everyday. The government promised that they will take actions and punish the culprits severely. They buckled under pressure when Indians in Delhi protested against the violent assault you were subjected to. You stayed in our hearts and reminded us that we have to fight to honor your memory as we promised that the sacrifice you made for innocent women will not be a lost cause. Today, I am not sure where we are heading in the fight against rapes and violent assault of young and brave women like you. In a way, we are responsible for the mess, daughter of India since we are the ones who patronize demons in the garb of saints.

O! Brave girl! You entered our lives and our households as we shed a tear for you and muttered a silent prayer. We held candle march throughout the world and we promised that we will not douse the fire in our hearts. Today, you must be wondering how they used your name to create the Nirbhaya Fund and you were made a political issue. I know you must be shedding a tear as you are witnessing how nothing is being done to honor your memory. You died for a cause and left your family. There are many women like you who are repeatedly raped and whose souls are injured. How the government has failed to protect their daughters? Shame on them!

Let’s join in and promise to ourselves that we will not douse the fire in our hearts. A promise we must all make to you, Nirbhaya for I know that you are listening and seeing how the perverts are spreading havoc across the globe. I am sure you are happy wherever you are since you are in a world where there is no humiliation and that your soul has risen above evil and vultures.

I wish to let you know that we shall not forget you. You have touched our hearts and we promise that the fight will continue so that justice will be delivered to your soul and that of women and children who perished. Sorry if till know we have failed in our task to bring an equal, fair society and have not been able to deliver justice to your soul.



Written for Write Tribe, Letters Unsent. A big shout to Santulan of Give him a big shout, folks.

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7 thoughts on “Letter to Nirbhaya

  1. with heartfelt sympathy to this girl, and all other girls who are abused in this country I fail to understand one thing though, what is heroic in getting raped or being killed in the process?

    its a shame for the society, crying shame but I wonder where is the heroic?

    When it comes to heroines my mind goes to Rani Laxmibai or women like Saina Nehwal or Durga Shakti Nagpal.

    Then I am weird I guess or just don’t think the normal way.

    1. Hopes, you are not weird but we often agree to disagree which is a very healthy thing, Sharmistha. My point is Nirbhaya and her likes, victims of sexual oppression, have sacrificed their lives, and it should be an eye opener on what’s not right in society. Despite the fact that she suffered, the Delhi brave heart fought till the end. I respect her a lot for that.

      1. I don’t call her a heroine but I do agree that it was brave of her to say that she wanted to live, even after that ghoulish atrocity. that certainly was exemplary.

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