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Funny conversation with mom

Dinner table:The spoon full of rice and curry find its way inside the mouth as I admire Barkha Dutt flaring up the debate with her panelists on NDTV.

Mom: You know somebody came home today and guess what?

Me: I mean who came and what happened.

Mom: It’s a man who knocked on the door and asked about you.

I stopped in my track.

ME: Why would someone turn out of the blue and look for me!

Mom: He has a daughter. She is beautiful and well educated.

Finally, I got wind where this evening conversation is going. I remained silent, pretending to be involved in NDTV’s The Buck Stops Here.

Mom: You know?

Me: What?!..irritated

Mom: You remember when you were teaching at the junior school.some girls who is related to the family actually told the guy that you are handsome and single.

Should I be happy that some school kids find me handsome. I am amused!

Mom: The girl studied in India and France.

I so wanna say WTF.

Me: I am not interested at all if the guy knocked on the door for match-fixing. You know, na! I have no interest in getting married and all those Ekta Kapoor drama..kahani ghar ghar ki ya Kyon Ki Saas Bhi Bahu Thi.

I try to be my sarcastic best.

Mom: So, you are not interested to get married? What will you do when I am no more? You will remain lonely.

ME: No! You will love beyond 150 years to get on my head and keep bugging me about marriage.

We remain silent.

Mom: Theek hai! Do whatever you want.

At this time, I can only think of Sunil Dutt and Rohani Hattangadi bugging Sanju Baba to meet Chinki in Munna Bhai MBBS..I will die without seeing grand children. I pretend surfing channels and bring the lap top in the hall.

Mom: I am feeling sleeping now. Switch off the TV and the lights when you done.

Glad the conversation ended. I am sure Mom has lost all hopes on me.

Have a good day





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