Beautiful blue sky, love and kisses complete our life

Beautiful blue sky warms the heart as love pours in one’s life.

A good cup of coffee kick starts an awesome day;

A beautiful smile brightens the day;

The singing of birds praising beauty reminds you how awesome you are;

A kiss from a lover makes you long for love and relish each and every moment in life;

Kind words from parents reminds us how much we are loved;

Silent whispers into the ears propels us to achieve unattainable things in life;

Closing the eyes and sitting in silence brings hope, optimism and beauty alive;

Dancing like a mad person in euphoria makes us believe there is no one like us and,

there is no harm living up to the adage, ‘Be Yourself’.

Deep inside, we know that we are unique and arms with courage we can make impossible become possible;

Life is too smooth to bring unhappiness, boredom and let sullenness transpire.

Good Morning



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