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Raaksha Bandhan: Celebrating the brother-sister bond

Happy Raksha Bandhan. Today, the Hindu community celebrate Raksha Bandhan where the sister ties the sacred thread on the wrist of the brother, who, in turn, vows to protect her from all evils in society.  It is an occasion to celebrate and strengthen the chaste bond between a brother and sister. The sister perform the arati of the brother with an earthen lamp and adorn flowers on the brother, The sister also touches the feet of the brother, seeking blessing, therefore, the act of touching the brother’s feet shows love and gratitude.


The sacred thread which is accompanied with the feeling of love of sentiments between brothers and sisters  is made of made of silk with gold and silver threads, beautifully crafted embroidered sequins, and studded with semi precious stones. Brothers and sisters shower gifts one each other and the traditional Indian sweet, ladoo, also form part of the tradition of Raksha Bandhan.

I have no brothers and sisters. To be honest, I sorely missed a sister during the growing years in my life but I am eternally grateful because I made many Raakhi sister. Earlier, my cousin sister, Nalini would tie Raakhi on my wrist and during my college days, Ritika would tie a Raakhi on my wrist. It’s one of my best Raakhi memories and I remember it was a holiday. I drive my bike to college where both of us sat on the stairs where she would tie Raakhi on my wrist and we would feed each other the ladoo. As a sister, she would shout at me whenever I would not study for the exams. Ritika is now married with a kid and I wish my Raakhi sister all the happiness in the world. There are also Aparna-Didi and Pratibha who has been a good friend and wonderful sister in my life. Today, I salute my Raakhi sisters.  I am eternally grateful to live for showering me with blessings, love, warmth, affection and care.

The bond between a brother and sister showers light and affection.

The brother vows to protect the sister in life as she showers him with love and respect.

Lord Krishna has protected his sister Draupadi from evil forces.

The love of a sister for her brother is the biggest strength a human being is imbibed with.

The sister always prays for her brother’s happiness while the brother valiantly protect the honor of the sister.

The bond between a brother and sister should be cemented not for one day but throughout life.

Happy Raksha Bandhan

With Love




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