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Attack on Dalits a blot to humanity

I am horrified and angry to see a group of Dalits were attacked in Bihar, Rohtas district where a man was stoned to death and 40 injured. Their crime? The poor Dalits were attacked by upper caste Hindu for daring to hoist India’s national flag during the 67th Independence Day celebration. I am aghast and red with anger. It’s such a shame that 66 years after India obtained its Independence, people are killing each other over caste considerations. When will we ever be stopped being human? It’s a tragedy that the national flag has divided and spread hatred through caste rather than unifying the people of India. I wonder why the Dalits are being deprived of celebrating the I-Day and let’s stop speaking of inclusion. Are Dalits not Indians?  Independence is the right of every person belonging to India, irrespective of their caste, religion or sex. It’s shameful and doesn’t honor the country which is celebrating its independence. It’s a blot to humanity.

We were born and created equal but why we discriminate against each other on the basis of caste and bat for each others’ blood. There is no point in speaking of nationalism or patriotism when we cannot respect the memory of our freedom fighters by discriminating and ready to kill fellow country men and women belonging to different castes. It’s a shame when we consider ourselves superior to fellow mankind because of our ascribed status. I ask what kind of heart do we have when we flung an innocent boy from the roof top. Let’s stop speaking about social engineering and all-inclusive growth. First, let’s translate our words into actions and deeds.

“Wake Up My Country Men ans Women….where the world has not been broken into fragments by narrow domestic walls”. These words of Tagore hold true in reference to today’s incidence. It’s a black Sunday.

Such a sad day




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