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Wednesday Prompt: Freedom of Expression as a Blogger

I am a free bird and love my freedom. I believe that freedom is my birth right and free speech is not a favor that has been granted to me as an individual. What independence means to me? It means a lot and everything. I will never put at stake my independence and the day I do it, will mean that I cease to exist and lose my individuality. Blogging is one medium where I exercise my will to free speech and which is not blinded by any form of religious, caste or sexual prejudices. In short, this my definition of freedom. The freedom to think, act and write.


As a blogger, I have the freedom to question injustice meted out to fellow human beings like me and I speak out against extremists religious groups or individuals who spread hatred among human beings. The blog is my personal space and I have the right to voice out on any matter. I have use the blog as a medium to spread the word about petitions following the rape of Nirbhaya and terror attacks. I also post links for helplines for the Teledon following the flood that claims so many human lives. I believe that one can make a difference on the blogging space by contributing in a modest way to better the life of fellow human beings.

I am an agnostic and believe that it is my right to question religious beliefs and practices. I am a rebel and it is reflected through my writings!  What matters to me is to be a good human being and I use the blogging space as a medium to voice out my concerns over what I feel is unfair practices in my religion and do hit out when some extremists people spread hatred among us. I write about hatred by some politicians and religious leaders, corruption and lash out against prejudice by some people who paint a certain religious group as terrorists. I use my space to shout that we cannot hate human beings just because there are one or two rotten apple in a specific religion. I have the right to bring change through a long diatribe, poems and short stories.

I have written so many times explaining why I support the likes of M F Hussain, Kamal Hassan on his film Vishwaroopam and Salman Rushdie. I use my blog to explain why we shouldn’t discriminate against people and if we truly call ourselves global, we shouldn’t  paint a wrong picture of human beings by insulting and calling them names. I have the freedom to write and support the cause of homosexuals, same-sex marriage as well as fight for equality between men and women.  A human being has the freedom to live his or her life in its own way and I will always write against any extremist views designed to crush our liberties. This is what my blogs is all about. It is about ME and My Freedom. Sometimes, my views may give the impression of hurting religious sentiments. No, it doesn’t and I am all for Truth and the respect of our rights as human beings to create and fashion our lives in a certain way.  Yes, I confess that I also write about sex, too!

Who says that I don’t have to fight for the freedom to create as a blogger and a writer? I have started getting hate comments from some Hindu extremists on spaces such as blogs and Twitter. This morning, some people have described me as ‘PAKI DNA’. My fault? I shouted loudly on Twitter that we should refrain from making vile and sexist comments against Nidhi Razdan of NDTV over her interview surrounding Pheku, ‘Narendra Modi.’ I commented on someone’s blog saying that I admire Raavan whom I consider to be very intelligent and brave. I also spoke on his valor as a warrior and prefer the second version of Ramayan which describes the former as an original India, belonging to the Aryan Race.  Someone commented at length and questioned my rights to admire Raavan. Sorry Sir! It is my fundamental right as a blogger to write what I feel or think. Your views or attacks and hate mails shall not deter me from thinking in a free manner, devoid of prejudices.

I am a free bird and I am proud to be a lover of democracy, human rights and freedom of expression. This is what my space is all about, an extension of my personality.  This is what Freedom to create as an Indian and most importantly as a human being and Global Citizen of the World. How I wish one day we would be issued Global Citizen passport.

In response to the prompt on Wednesday Prompt on Word Tribe, Free to Create: What Does Freedom mean to me as a blogger/ writer?

Tomorrow, India celebrates 66 years of Independence. We may not always be happy with the country, community or faith we belong to. But the fact is that we as writers and bloggers enjoy the freedom to express our views. What would we be without this freedom? We are constantly made aware that in many parts of the world, people pay a heavy price, sometimes with their live,s when they express their views about their governments or people in power.

We are blessed to be free to create. t seemed appropriate to use this idea as a prompt today:

What does freedom of expression mean to me as a blogger/ writer?

This prompt will be open until early 21st August morning:

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Prompt: Freedom of Expression as a Blogger

  1. I would have supported m.f. hussain if he had the guts to painting the nude pictures of his own religious icons. like salman rushdie or taslima nasrin- there is nothing brave in showing disrespect to feelings of others.

    1. hheeh! Guess we will diagree! While I respect your religious sentiments, I ask where do we draw the line? At the expense of the artist’s freedom of expression. Let’s not make it a religious thing.

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