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A tribute to the people on India 67th I-Day

For the flood victims in Uttarakhand,

For the brave soldiers who fought till the end to save the flood victims,

To the five soldiers and all the Jawans killed on the border,

To girls like Nirbhaya who die everyday,

To the Indian women who faces sexual harassment and rape,

To the victims of corruption,

To the common men and women,

To the farmers who faces the rough weather,

To reporters and journalists who brave the storm and insults,

To victims who are falsely implicated in cases and sent to jail for acts they never committed,

To acid victims,

This post on 66th Independence Day of India is dedicated to you. Happy Independence Day. Let’s pledge to make India a better place to live and make our nation a dream place where the world will look up to. Let’s make India pollution-free, scam-free, corruption-free. Let’s pledge now! Think twice before you do something bad that ruins the country’s reputation, country men and women. Today, I may reside in another country but Indian blood runs in my veins. Lets’ truly embrace humanity where no difference is made on account of caste, creed, sex, religion or nation. A world without border. That’s what India has always been about since we treat our guests as our own and spread love and humanity.

Happy Independence Day

Long Live the Republic of India.

One Nation, One Country.

Jai Hind





India 1 collect

India 2 collect

India 3 collectindia 4 colect

india 5 collect

india 6 collect

india 7 collect

india 8 collect

india 9 collect

india 10 colect

With Love N hope you enjoy the pics:)





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4 thoughts on “A tribute to the people on India 67th I-Day

  1. Salute to all of them! Yes, let’s take a pledge and initiate a change…a change from self…a small drop…leading to a better future!
    Happy Independence Day!

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