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Write Tribe: Unsent Letter to my Best Friend

Dear Adi,

I take a long time to get out of my comfort zone to make friends with people. I need to be comfy to open up to people and the moment I click, it’s like a huge party. You are one of the few people I didn’t take much time and we hit it off on day one. Remember, we hardly or never spoke to each other in college for a year. We met at a party and we became friends over Orange juice and Vodka. We were like a house on fire.

You were always there for me and you fought with me for my own good. At times, I reacted angrily but most of the time, I shut the fuck though I was angry. You are the most mature among both of us despite I am elder than you. I fondly remember how we would act gay just for the sake of it and your ex and at that time, present chick freaked out. Saying, ‘I don’t understand how two straight guys behave like that.’

I loved the super awesome Maharashtrian food, coffee prepared by your mom and Alphonso Mango brought by your dad all the way from Nashik. I love it when your mom would say that we look like twins…actually peas in the pond is a better adjective.

The crazy nights spent smoking up and boozing, speaking about chicks, you mocked my Marathi that I unsuccessfully struggled to speak and what else..guess you know it all! Yeah, we called each other bastard and asshole…the latter cuss word was for me. I still remember how you wrote 1,4, 3 in the sms proposal to somebody coz I was shit scared.


Bondage, friendship and emotions are poisonous, lethal and dangerous for the soul! I guess so. The days spent on Pune are the best days of life at Fergusson College and the booze party, dinner in the apartment. I remember how you were trying to fix me up with Namita  you couldn’t bear to see me living a single life. Gosh! Nothing ever happened and I laugh at the Namita episode! Ya, the nights we hovered around Santacruz airport till the wee hours in the morning, took the bus to station and, eventually, the train to Churchgate. Awesome! Moments of friendship are meant to be nurtured and we lived every single moment of life.

Like very relationship, we hit a storm and it all started when I shifted to Mumbai. I was busy getting hassles like university admission and hostel accommodation sorted out and forgot about you. After all, it’s my own fault and I concede that it’s not an excuse to cut contacts with you and with another of your good friend, Adi who sheltered me for few days. Dunno what happened to me! Blame it on, my fickle mind that went into hibernation. I went into my own world and it was but natural for you to be cross with me. We had no contact and you were right to be angry. You went to Australia and called me once when I was in Mumbai, a year later. Slowly, we started speaking and yeah, you spoke in an Australian accent, a far cry from the boy who was born and brought in Mumbai and live in Maharashtra throughout his life. I felt some distance. We re-connected on Facebook and we were back to the old self.

We spoke about our break-ups, life and everything that matters in life. I learned an important lesson about friendship: Friendships may hit a storm and some of them may reach an expiry date. But, true friendships and best friends will not only survive and stand the test of times to defeat the evils looming large on the sacred bond.

Shit! I wrote a long monologue on friendship. How I wish you don’t read this post.

With Love



Post script:


In response to, ‘The Write Tribe Letters Unsent’ by Santulan, I am attempting to post quite late owing to my slow net connection. As you must have read, it’s an unsent letter to my bestie, Adi whom I’ve met in Pune during college days at Fergusson College in SY. That was way back in 2004. How time flies and how I wish we would get back the golden days!

My internet connection was so slow owing to downloading of a film on torrent and was unable to register in time on Write Tribe Challenge. Thus, putting the post here and thanks a zillions Santulan for the wonderful idea to write:) Better luck next time.

write tribe


Write Tribe








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