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Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani is a roller-coaster ride


Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Aditya yeh-jawani-hai-deewani_13637752014Madhuri-Ranbir-YJHDRoy Kapur, Kalki, Farooq Shaikh, Tanvi Azmi and Purna Jagannathan

Rating: Three and half stars

Director: Ayan Mukherjee

What works for a movie is the chemistry between its lead actors, the chemistry between the actors and the director, actors and the script as well as the fusion between the screenplay, script and the director. Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani is a rom-com, though cliche at times, jumps straight to the point and provides a wholesome two hours entertainment. The movie is clear winner in terms of box-office window, performances and entertainment. In one shot, YJHD is winner on all count and is a roller-coaster ride.

YJHD is the story of Bunny (Ranbir) and Naina (Deepika) who meet during an adventure trek in Himalayan where Naina falls in love with the fun-filled and adventurous, gregarious boy. Avi (Aditya Roy Kapur) and Aditi (Kalki) is the part of the gang. Eventually, Bunny falls for Naina and what follows, is a fun-filled journey and adventure where they kiss and tell all. It is a happy ending tale.

Ranbir Kapoor injects so much energy and enthusiasm in his role as Bunny. He fits the bill and is completely flawless as the playful Bunny who believes in his dreams. Whether in his interaction with his father (Farooq Shaikh) and step mom (Tanvi Azmi), he gives the right expression to his emotional stanza and celebrates the bond of friendship with Aditya Roy Kapur and Kalki.

The surprise package is Deepika who beautifully transforms herself from scholar Naina in the first half to the sexy and chilled out chick-next door. It seems that Deepika is slowly transforming herself as a fine actress after giving a fine performance in Cocktail (2012), she has hit the right nail in YJHD. She is simply sizzling in the songs Dilliwali girl friend and Balam Pichkari.

The surprise act comes from Aditya Roy Kapur who leaves a very positive impact and delivers a punched performance as Avi. The actor is simply natural in front of the camera and matches the main hero, Ranbir step-by-step and with competence. Certainly, it is a performance to be remembered for a very long time. He is an actor who is a stayer and will be in the industry for a very long time. Kalki is simply fabulous and completely naturally at ease as Aditi. She is extremely lovable.

Actors such as Farooq Shaique and Tanvi Azmi are a delight to watch in the small cameos and they ably support the lead cast. It is refreshing to watch Poorna Jagannathan, the Delhi Belly fame. Even in a three to five minutes appearance, she is refreshing and manages to leave a mark. The icing on the cake is the return of the Diva, Madhuri Dixit in the song, Ghagra where she brings the house down. Mads simply sizzle and the kind of energy she puts in the dance is not only commendable but admirable. What energy and what a stellar performance! It is a treat to watch beautiful Mads perform.

The whole credit goes to director Ayan Mukherjee who lit the screen with this beautiful and fun-filled rom-com which keep the audience glued to their seats. Plus, the dialogues are totally awesome, ‘waqt ne kiya ek haseen sitam’ or tu bahut cool hai, ‘Bachchan ke gaane gaati hai’ or ‘ek zamaane tum mujhpe marti hai’. One of the best scene is when Ranbir and Aditya breaks into Jhumma Chumma dede.

The film does suffer from some cliche at times when Deepika says no to Ranbir when he proposes to her, saying he will leave her because of his work. Also, the ending could have been made more impactful and it appears a tad too simplistic, though it seems refreshing.

On the whole, YJHD is a fun-filled roller-coaster that should not be missed at all for the beautiful and catchy numbers, performances of the lead actors, strong emotional bondage between the characters. The movie carries repeat value and is a roller-coaster, made straight from the heart. The film is already on its way to reach the 100-crores mark and has already hit the cudgel in breaking all records loose. I call it a fantastic movie and rom-coms are back to entertain and lighten the heart.



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19 thoughts on “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani is a roller-coaster ride

  1. Well one more good thing about the movie was that the songs were well placed, they didn’t feel like extra additions…

    However I felt that they tried to tie up too many ends in the movie.. It felt like there many good moments over a bland movie..

    Definitely worth a watch though

    1. Very well observed and unlike so many movies, songs were not forced in the movie. Ya, that’s also true the climax seems to be a case of different outcomes. It is Santulan and I love the movie:)

  2. I am a Ayan Mukerji fan, though this movie is just cut and shaped into another Karan Johar movie – for example, a dumb friend Evelyn ( same like Bruna in I hate luv storys) , another scholar specy naina ( like kal ho na ho) , larger than life hero ( typical SRK kinda in most Karan Johar’s films)etc! Also, ranbir wants to see the world , but he mentions mostly USA city names; there are more beautiful places in the world which normally people do not know! Wish those were mentioned !minor flaws aside, only Madhuri’s dance & beautiful cinematography of Kashmir ( which they showed as Manali) could be “Paisa Vasool” 🙂 And songs, choreography etc are awesome. I also loved the “speed” of the movie. Ranbir, Deeipka, Kalki and Aditya acted well. Typical happy hapy kinda movie. Liked it 🙂

    1. hhee..U made some good observations, but I feel the movie is entertaining and fun to watch, Archita. Yes, I do agree that Ive missed Kashmir beautiful location. The film speaks of friendships between the characters and yeah, me too, love the songs. It was fun, isn’t it? It’s entertainment at its best.

      1. haan, fully filmi I tell:) Thanks a ton and I will publish my reviews as a film critic, part of my professional assignment, done for Ready, Zindagi Na Milega Doobara, Murder 2, dirty pic, RA 0NE AND COCKTAIL.

      2. You can email me the links of review works. I will read before watching any movie from now. You have my mail in your comment screen on WP. 🙂

      3. Thanks a ton. Unfortunately, left job..our newspaper was closed but was shifted to another dept, didnt like it. looking for new job but review will come on blog. next one will be Once Upon A Time and then, Satyagraha:)

  3. I watched it a couple of days ago, and I enjoyed a Hindi movie after a long time. I love ranbir, I think he is a very natural actor, cute and charismatic in equal proportions. I liked your review too. Good job! But I guess, you should keep it a little short and not practically giveout every little detail in the review. Because that sounds like a script narration. But that’s just my view.

    1. Thanks a ton, Zinal. I welcome your ideas on-board and next time, I will take it into consideration before writing my review. I think you are right in a certain way. I appreciate your comment and thanks for the positive feedback. Ranbir is a fantastic actor and is so natural in front of the camera. It is a treat to watch this Kapoor scion perform:)

      1. Send me the link again. However, sometime back there was this crazy spree of award nominations, and everyday someone will nominate you for somekind of award. What the happens next is not known. And they always require you to write long posts and nominate other 10 bloggers.So I stopped paying too much attention. 😛 You will know what I mean shortly 😛

  4. I have seen only one movie by ranbeer kapoor, that too half, because I did not liked the leading lady’s acting in hindi movies- even though I adore her in Bengali movies 🙂

    he acts well! quite well. the movie was wake up sid.

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