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On the Couch

Another day wasted or shall reveal the good news that comes in numbers. Yeah! I woke up at 2 p.m. My mom shouted on my ears that it’s almost 2 and I’m like fuck, what’s going on? I slept on the couch thinking that in the morning, I’ll get up early since I will be denied the luxury of the bed that wasn’t meant to be. Haven’t really done much, checked Guardian, Times of India, blogged my way to heaven and commenting on the blogs of our family of blogging.

I am on cloud 9 coz I have been nominated for the second time for a bunch of awards, this time by the wonderful blogger-friend, Taazein. Thanks a ton, Taazein. The first friend who nominated me was Soumya and honestly speaking, I didn’t expect to be nominated two times in less than three months. I apologize to both Soumya and Taazein coz I haven’t been able to blog about the nominations properly and answering questions. I shall do it tomorrow and blame it on my lazy nature. But, one question to both Soumya and Taazein and the others, well-versed with the awards: How do one set the nominations on WordPress blog and is there anyway one can accept the award, like is there some specific settings or so? I am waiting for the answers..

Another day went by not doing so or shall I say, Die Another Day. During the evening, I watched the news and debates on the presentation of the UPA-II Government report card by Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh before the general elections next year. There are talks of Rahul Gandhi being projected as PM candidate and trust me, the chap will be a recipe for failure. I personally feel that the Congress Government is facing testing times with bad policies, dwindling figure for economic growth and lack of reforms. Will they make it next year? Debatable. Coz BJP is facing a crisis of leadership coz they are reluctant to appointed a candidate for PM and the general election is slated for 2014. Modi might be popular in Gujarat but leaders like Sushma Swaraj, the Shiv Sena and JDU’s Nitish Kumar have shown their opposition to the CM of Gujarat. Plus, the Gujarat Pogrom looms large on Modi where innocent Muslims were masacrated and killed for alleged political reasons. What India needs is a secular PM and not someone linked to Hindu extremists such as the RSS.

I was glued to TV for the whole day as I watched the interesting debate on actor Shyam Munshi who faces perjury related to the brutal and cool-blooded murder of Jessica Lall. Can a hostile witness found lying with murder in court get away with crime? Highly probable in arm-twisting tactics employed by liars lawyers in court and money/political powers of a father-cum minister hell bent on saving the skin of his son. It makes one happy to see Manu Sharma languishing in jail but will Jessica Lall soul be happy to see someone blatantly lying in court go scot-free. It makes one laugh to see Munshi telling that he cannot understand Hindi since he studied only till Class 7. One cannot make a mockery of justice like that and one need to set an example. Same goes for ballistic expert, Manocha whose testimony helped the accused pervert justice.

That’s how my day been with following the news and debate on NDTV and for once, the news were worth watching by lying on the couch. It’s only now that I am going to open the manuscript for the novel.

Till then, ta-taa



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12 thoughts on “On the Couch

  1. Modi has his name associated with the riots, and congress has it with all sorts of scams and corruption. Having to choose from the two , I would choose Modi. However for that BJP has to make a call as to who they want their PM candidate to be.

    1. The problem is that we are cornered with a corrupt government and opposition. BJP is yet to take a call and we are not far from election. Congress’ Rahul is so dumb and cannot assert itself. The Congress Party has failed on all counts and we are in a fix. I’m not sure about Modi and had he been wo the Gujarat pogrom, I would have been in his favor the fact remains that his name is tainted with the murder of human beings. The country needs better. What about a youth political party?!

      1. I think they have and protests in Dilli is an example. I think it’s high time to chuck out the old politicians who lack ideas and are only interested in corrupt practices. let’s give the young guns a chance. India deserve them::)

  2. Lots of things happening around in the country and so the news and politics again seem to be getting more attention. You dnt have any norms for nomination unless and untill mentioned from the nominee. The criteria too is solely with the writer whom he feels eligible for the awards. People whose work you are influenced with,or whose writings are great and impressive,people whom you feel should be awarded for any certain reason. Mostly the name of the award can help you determine the list of your nominees . and yes congrats again.

    1. The news taking place in the world makes the life of journo interesting and there is never a dull moment. I so envy the journos who have no need to worry when they reach office. There is so much. Thanks for the tips on nomination but is there ne setting to accept the award and how do I make them appear on the blog. Thanks a ton and today, hopefully I can answer the questions:)

      1. You have to copy paste the award logo in you post. after posting , go to your media section on left of your dashboard.Click the image you want ,copy the link from there and open the widgets section. in widgets ,you will find a image slot. drag it to the sidebar and paste the link there in the url . save it.the logo willbe displayed.

  3. congress is corrupted to its boots but we don’t have any other choice! what a tragedy, in all these years we have an official democracy, multi party system but in reality people have only a single party to choose!

      1. that is the tragedy of indian democracy- every party is busy in looting, and the public is too busy earning their livelihood. I don’t know if we can hope for a better future or we are heading for a civil war!

      2. I think we can still dream for it and youth should take the initiative and mount pressure on the Govt. The Anna movement was such a disappointment with Kejeriwal now showing his true colors and he is a man with his own personal interests. Both BJP and Congress are two sides of the same coin and it’s sad.

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