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An ode, dedication to fellow bloggers and followers

I came here in 2007 and I was introduced to a world of immense possibilities and today, the blog has more than 40 followers and as of today has a modest figure of 18, 203  hits and still counting.. I received my first comment in 2007 from a college mate and one year later, in 2008, somebody commented on a post after 26/11 blast in Mumbai. Today, I am overwhelmed with the kind comments of fellow bloggers who regularly visit this space.

This post is dedicated to avid bloggers who regularly make my day immensely beautiful that my regular morning capuccino pales in comparison. Since the last two months, the blog has scaled a new heights with comments mushrooming on the posts that find its way on this space. This can only encourage me to write better and my tiny heart sprang into dollops of joy when I see likes, comments and new followers. I mean we all love comments and the tiny effort that we make towards each other has forged a bond among us, despite that many of us has never met each other on an individual basis. This is enough reason to believe in the new passport the blog space has conferred upon us, global citizens. I almost jump with joy when I check my stats and see the comments on the blog. It is a moment I relish and hope that some we shall meet in some corner of the world to speak on issues. We come from varied places on the globe, India, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Dubai, Pakistan and many more. Therefore, what better way to connect with each other on a single platform called blogging space.

Today, I choose to dedicate this post to you, fellas, since I have been charmed by the wonderful words spoken, encouragement given and that lifted my mood, considering that I am going through a difficult phase in life. As they say, we need to chuck out the bad and ugly and move with great strength from one place to another. You guys and gals, are the reasons that I make an effort to write almost everyday and I long for your comments on this space. Let’s face it: We suck for emotions and kind words and when we receive good words, it tickle our bone of happiness. Sometimes, I may take a long time to respond to comments owing to being busy doing stuffs and I owe  you an apology since you took the pain to pen some thoughts on my space.

I feel that all of us embark on a journey of life and in our adventure, we meet so many people with whom we share a certain relationship and at some stage or another, they leave after teaching us something beautiful that enriches our existence. I only hope that our relationship will strengthen over time   and we will learn and get to know each other well.I also think of bloggers who were on the space and who are  no longer here and hope to see them soon. Some perhaps may have stopped blogging and are doing their own stuffs and I wish them the very best in their life. How I wish the very first people with whom I forged a bond with come back soon..

Let’s make this experience a very beautiful one and it’s not just about stats or comments but a human bondage. Thanks a ton for making my life beautiful. Today, this 1,473 post is dedicated to the wonderful community that we have formed on the blog space and I know we have so much to say to each other. We enrich each other’s life, long for happiness and why not this is our right. Blogging is also a way to reach out to fellas with similar experiences and make our voices heard when authorities has forgotten us and I remember that I blogged extensive on the rape of Nirbhaya and the five-year-old toddler but dunn0whether the insignificant voice here was able to make a difference. That shall not stop us from blogging and say what we have to say. I only hope that the relationship we have carved will strengthen over time. Did I told you that today, I got 100 likes. It is a small milestone and I owe it to you, beautiful people.

The blog is going in its sixth year in July and perhaps, the post is too early but it’s my way to thanks my awesome followers and souls who regularly like my posts and choose to comment.

Love you all, gals N guys and make you all be blessed with positive energy and awesomeness.

Zillions hugs N kisses



Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

11 thoughts on “An ode, dedication to fellow bloggers and followers

    1. Hey thanks Soumyav. Initially, I was sceptical of the new template but decided to go ahead. Glad you liked it:)

  1. 1473 posts…oh god, that’s really great. I have just above 100 till now…way to go. In 2007 I didn’t even knew what Blog is… You are here since a really long time. I felt the same way when I got my first like and comment. I can’t describe that feeling…
    Good going..although I discovered your blog late, I am gonna follow all your posts from now on. 🙂

    1. Even I dnt know about blogging shogging..hehe was pestering the husband of my ‘sister’ to start a website for me coz I thought it was cool. He got rid of me by showing me how to start a blog and he dint realize what he gave me in I mean it’s amazing when u get first likes and comments and I was on cloud 9. Having 100 posts is amazing and your are much better than I am::) I love ur blogs and yeah, let’s connect. I keep writing a ton and u shd too! Are you on Twitter, btw?

      1. I learnt of blogs while in college…and started one long back, although I didn’t write a single post in it.
        I started this one after my college ended, when I was depressed and writing came to my rescue…!
        You are blogging from 6 long years, I don’t know whether I’ll still be writing for another 6 years..
        I quit social media after starting a blog, a secret blog actually , sadly this is the only place where i am available…And on yup on gmail.

      2. I think writing is a medium when one can vent it out without being judged since it’s the personal space. I find fulfilment and joy in writing. I also keep a diary which is even more personal. M sure u will stay for decades and decades. Why did you quit social media? U can find me on

      3. I feel the same..writing keeps me sane. I’ve stopped writing diaries, I write everything on my blog now. It has become an online diary. 🙂
        Well, its a long story…I wanted to be away from the social limelight, I left my friends, I became invisible to the world, and started this blog. I was kinda depressed, and social updates of people depressed me more. I was stuck and people were moving ahead. I needed a break.

      4. I think we all go though the depressing mode as we hit the panic button. Should I tell you something? I feel that I’ve been left behind and most of my friends have moved ahead in life and it does get to ur head. I emphatise with you but we should give things time to unfold itself. I dunt know but m trying to be hopeful, positive and optimist. M happy I found u. Do add me on Gmail, I would love to have a conversation out of this online forum::)

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