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Hats off to Sanjay Dutt

Justice denied is justice delayed. Irrespective of the outcome of justice, a citizen who decides to uphold the justice of his or her country is the biggest patriot in his country and one is forced to respect actor Sanjay Dutt who spoke of his intention to accept the judgement delivered by the Supreme Court. We all know that the court judgement has charged Sanju Sir for possession of illegal arms and not for spreading terror attacks and this is the reason why I wrote that he should be

English: Audio release of Munnabhai MBBS
English: Audio release of Munnabhai MBBS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

pardoned since he already served his term in prison.

This man has shown his dignity and honored the memories of his parents by accepting the judgement wholeheartedly. It is indeed sad that an innocent man like Sanjay Dutt has to go to prison due to the harsh judgement of the Supreme Court. Sadly though, the whole media debate became Sanjay Dutt centric and I lament on the way in which the actor faced trial by the media. Sanju Sir had to come out and he did so in a very emotional manner where the man spoke his heart on him being an India who loves the country and that he will not move the court for pardon. I can only admire Sanju Sir for the courage displayed and it shows that he is beyond reel life heroism and is today a real hero. Sanju Sir has emerged as a model for the young generation.

I respect his stand on the judgement delivered. However, as justice Katju said that will not prevent him from seeking pardon from the Governor of Maharashtra to free Sanju Sir who bore the brunt of Hindu extremist elements, media at large and everybody who condemned him. He has already suffered a lot. As people who believe in justice, equality nobody should prevent us to ask for leniency on the part of the Governor of Maharashtra for Sanju Sir.

Hats off to Sanju Sir for his courage and belief in the Indian constitution.




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