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Paan Singh Tomar rides wave of good cinema

Call it divine justice or the triumph of good cinema over big budget movies. One thing is sure that the National Awards considered to be the highest distinction bestowed by the Government has finally recognized a movie like Paan Singh Tomar which is a modern classic of our times. Sadly, PST is a film that bears all the qualities of a cult film could not become one owing to the audience preference for masala but that does not diminish its merit as shown by the National Award.

As a movie buff, I was sad that Irfan Khan did not quite made it in the popular category of different awards given this year. Justice done! Khan bags the national award for PST which I consider to be a cinematic brilliance and a movie that never attempt to intellectualise the mass but retained it’s unique and inherent intelligent trait. This is a true triumph of cinema and the national awards to movies like Paan Singh Tomar, Vicky Donor and Kahaani couldn’t come at a better time. We are celebrating 100 years of cinema and such award will only spur the making of movies that has a content, concept that is a thought-provoking. The face of Hindi cinema is truly changing.

In PST, Irfan Khan delivers a subtle but powerful performance which merit applause for delving deep into the character of real life hero, Paan Singh who was an Indian sportsman and soldier who was compelled to take to guns to avenge the wrongdoing and humiliation he suffered. Khan is one of the few actors that we have today who get into the skin of the character to the hilt. Kudos to Tigmanshu Dhulia for pulling such a coup. In the process, we cannot ignore small budget films like Chittagong, Oh my God! who scored this year and these are movies that brought a revolution to our thinking as human beings.

I have always believed that cinema has two roles, educate and entertain. Paan Singh, Kahaani, OMG!, Chittpstagong and Vicky Donor does both and I hope that new film-makers will take the plunge in promoting good cinema. The face of Hindi cinema is truly changing as we celebrate 100 years of brilliant film-making and talent. Certainly, films for masses or critics, Hindi cinema has the better talent in terms of actors and vision and we need to dream and soar higher. The industry has a huge future and National Awards has shown the way!





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2 thoughts on “Paan Singh Tomar rides wave of good cinema

    1. Vicky Donor is another beautiful flick. me too wanna watch Chittagong. The year 2012 was awesome for the industry and hope this year more challenging movie will come up:)

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