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Book Review: 50 Shades of Moolah, delusional sex adventure

50 shades of greyBOOK REVIEW: Fifty Shades of Grey

Rating: One and a half

What’s your definition of a good book? Certainly, a piece of creative work that sweep the reader off its feet and like the spectator glued to its seat watching a 70 mm potboiler, the reading experience is turned into a spell-binding affair. I was expecting something like that from E L James’s 50 Shades of Grey amidst the whole hoopla surrounding its release. In one word: Disappointment!

What’s more intriguing on this shoddy work is that she had a new concept on name it, you get it..relationship, sex, glamor and friendship. These are themes that makes an author click instantly with a generation that thrive on such situations. It’s an instant and run away hit and almost magical menu a la carte. Unfortunately, E L James fails to wow the average reader with her sex starved obsessed offering. As I flipped the pages, I nurtured the impression that Mrs James is a freak..she’s obsessed with sex not to say she is sick. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing immoral when writing about sex and this blog has so many stories where reference is made to sex but hinging on such obsession is sheer madness and a desperate act of telling..Go and Grab my book.

50 Shades of Grey narrates the story of Anastasia who replaces her friend an an assignment to interview business magnate Christian Grey and after much dilly-dallying, our dear Anastasia falls to the charm of Mr Grey. Sparks flies between both of them and Mr Virgin Grey make a deal which Ana (stasia) can’t refuse, ‘torture’. Well, our dear Ana is too much in love with Grey to say no. Mr Grey enters an agreement with Ana..what with his list of what to do during the ‘torture’ sexual period..what with his doctor examining her and her subjected to rigorous diet and physical exertion. How can one forget that Mr Grey was sexually exploited in his teens by Mrs-Who-Is-Now-A-Friend? Yeah, headline news anchored by E L James, Christian Grey does not allow Ana to touch him during the sex act.

What bugs me the most in 50 Shades of Grey are the brief e-mails exchanged every now and then between Christian and Ana which goes on and on that it takes whole chapters. One can’t help feeling that a business magnate like Christian has nothing to do in his entire life other than writing emails to his sexual prey that he calls girlfriend. He keeps on buying expensive stuffs for Ana as if he is gifting chocolates and name it, you get..Imac, car, piles of books and even booked a charter plane for her. Yes! Christian keeps track on every action of hers and he appears more like the weird psychopath-cum-stalker. Actually, the problem lies with the author who seemed to write a quick fix book to make easy bucks. It’s a tale of an advertising company selling the moon to clients and failing to deliver.

I feel that the author failed with the erotic overdose cum-sexual act-minus consent. It’s actually Christian raping Ana in the most disgusting way and  E L James wanted to portray Christian as some guy majorly affected by delusional sex act. He gets in the room, tie the girl, removes her underpants, according to his whims and fancies. E L James is the driving vehicle of modern day slavery, masochist sadistic pleasure and case in point is the whipping that provide for the author’s own sexual appetite and fetish.

I don’t have any issue with the author’s writing style which, at times,  is compelling and her narrative skills is excellent. But, all that glitters is not gold. E L James’ 50 Shades of Grey lack style, humor and is an amazingly shoddy piece of crap.  The book suffer from a lack of continuity as she hastily jumps from a conversation to plain eroticism and dark sex. I whooshed a big relief after being done with the last page of the book. It’s been a one month torture that was inflicted to me and I was the next victim among countless, after poor Anastasia. But, then Mrs James couldn’t care less as she is raking the moolah.




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