Travesty of justice, ‘juvenile’ get away with rape

Today is a black day for Indian judiciary. I am shocked, horrified and appalled at the decision of the juvenile justice board to declare the six accused of rape..well as..Juvenile! Can’t it get more ridiculous than that? What a mockery of the ‘Indian justice’, democracy and ‘human rights’? The ‘juvenile’ who brutally raped, assaulted and killed will now not face trial in the special court which means that in three years he will get away. It is an aberration of human justice and uncovers the lid on double standards of political promised made that the ‘six’ rapists will not go unpunished. It’s a travesty of justice.

What does that means? The sacrifices made by the daughter of India, ‘Nirbhaya’ will go in vain as her soul will cry seeing one of her assailant laughing all the way to some juvenile center. It is an archaic and outdated justice system that need to be changed in the wake of murder and rape against women. What kind of nonsense is that? At that time, he committed rape and assaulted Nirbhaya with a metal rod, he was a minor? So what, he was 17 years and a half? What defines a minor according to the law of the land? At the time of committing rape, did the thought ever cross his mind that he is a minor and was he aware that he can toggle, juggle with the law as a weapon to defend himself in court? Being a minor does not mean that one can get away with crime, rape and murder? The girl was brutally raped, damn it! If today, the ‘minor’ is let off so easily, it will mean that minors can easily twist the law in their hands like corrupt businessmen, henchmen and goondas. It’s a shame that the law has blatantly and miserable failed to protect its daughters from rape and crime.

Now, what should girls do? Roam on the streets with guns and knives and whoever assault them, kill in self-defense? What will happen? Is the state and judiciary going to give a guarantee to all the women who kill in self-defense that they will not be prosecuted in a court of law and the police will not harass me under the garb of statement and court appearance? A time will come when the masses will not only storm the streets but take the law in their own hands to do justice. Fair enough coz the state is largely impotent when it comes to giving justice to the weak. Is it the way to honor the memory of ‘Nirbhaya’ whose soul was teared and ripped apart? The common man is seeking answers to such legal fallacy and nobody ever thought of amending the law.

By the way, who checked the exact claim given by the school who certified that the ‘minor’ was 17 and a half years at the time of crime? Is the school judgement flawless? Taking into account how certificates are forged, did the higher authorities checked the veracity of the documents submitted by the teenager at the place he was born? It’s a case of amateurism. Assume that the claim is true and fool proof, is not time to change the law or else everybody who commit any crime, be it rape,arson, theft and murder will brandish a certificate, hey you cannot punish me, I am a juvenile and I cannot be tried in a court of law?

What kind of justice is that? You commit crime and you are let off? What about the family who lost a daughter? This is how you treat them because of a loophole in the system? Please change the bloody system? What are legislators sitting for? Can the President of India who is a lawyer par excellence accept such a situation and according to what I know, the head of state can use his power to demand for legislators to change the law? As Mahatma Gandhi said, India will truly become a free nation when women are able to walk freely at night?

I wonder what kind of signal we are sending to criminals on the streets. Are we telling them to come and rape women because the law is weak? Today, anybody can twist the law ridden with loopholes and horde of contradiction and use it to their own advantage. Rather than acting as a deterrent to crime, we are promoting crime, murder and rape on a large scale.

What horrifies me is that the sacrifice made by ‘Nirbhaya’ for the women of her country is flying in tatters? The girl who made the whole country to sit, pray for her well-being and brought life in standstill must be relieved today that she is no longer living in a world that cannot protect her from vultures. As an anti-rape activist, I am horrified at the horrendous prostitution of the judicial system. Should people storm the streets, take the law in their own hands punish and torture such vultures coz the law think they are ‘juvenile’ and ‘innocent’ that they should not be brought to court? Sadly, the day will come when the people will brutally kill such criminals and castrate them chemically or otherwise. It will day of chaos. The court and its judicial system has themselves to blame. What a sense of justice prevailing! Shocking but true. The curious case of courts and law providers.



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