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India’s first super models

Who is a super model today in the circuit? Certainly, there are so many young, hot, beautiful but sizzling sirens scorching the ramp is very hard to count on our fingers. I don’t remember the last time when I propelled myself to watch a model or am interested the buy the latest copy of GQ or Femina as a man to see the beauty that will send my adrenaline rushing down my spine. The death of super model and veejaying anchor of Channel V and MTV, Sophia Haque came a shocker to not just the tinsel down but mango people like us who were kids in the 90s and exposed to the big, dreamm world of VJs, models. I remember turning into a huge fan of MTV, Channel V and in the mid 2000, Zoom was added to my list of preferences. As we wondered what happened to the first supermodels of India such as Sophia and Viveka Babajee– though the likes of Sophia, Anupama Varma, Kamal Sidhu, Neha Bhasin and Anusha Dandekar are way bigger than Viveka- and then we hear some news on TV or newspaper that send us in a tizzy. The person is no more and it reminds us that we are turning grey.

I remember catching up on MTV and Channel V solely to watch Sophia Haque, Anusha Dandekar, Mini Mathur and Anupama Verma and watch the TV channel airing the model shows very week to simply admire the likes of Mehr Jessia, Neha Bhasin, Kamal Sidhu, Sheetal Mallar, Laila Rouass, Madhu Sapre and Anupama Verma as well as Neha Pandey (Chunky’s wife whose name is escaping my mind and many more. And, we were glued! These girls held poise, flamboyant personas that is simply lacking in today’s model. After all, they were India’s first super models and a symbol of growing Indian economy. Their symbol was not just an aura of sex or sex symbol but they signified much more and were inspiration to so many girls who were keen to walk the ramp. As a guy, these were the reasons I started buying Femina and yes I did! As I flipped through the cover and pages to catch a glimpse of these beautiful women dressed and mind you, they lived up to the dresses beautifully designed for them. The dresses were made for these women and they were ‘women of substance, whether it’s wearing a short skirt, bikini or the Indian traditional dress, they lived up to them.

In my college days, I remember staying till late along with my girl friend and at times with my best buddy to watch Sex Talk hosted by Kamal Sidhu, that was the time Zoom was launched in India. Sex Talk was the first of its kind in India, bold and bare-it-all dangerous talk show on sex that created hysteria and send ripples among the young, adult and college going population. It was brutally honest and a genuine attempt to uncover the skeleton that we hide so preciously in our closet. Kamal Sidhu was perfect and honest to the core in the show that spoke in a direct and frank manner about sex and the various positions of the Kamasutra. It was a show that we could not afford to give a miss in the growing India where the buzz word was be honest in bed. It was not a pervert show but spoke of a grim reality as to what happens in the confine of our wall. Sex was no longer a sin word and who better than Kamal Sidhu on the provoking chat show to tickle our intimate bones. She was perfect to the hilt and an amazing host that could connect with Gen X.

The kind of aura, unparallel charm and poise displayed by these women were something to die for. When they walked the ramp, one knew that they will scorch the ramp and not leave an ever dying impression. It was an amazing display of fireworks. These are women we cannot forget and they left us spellbound as we asked for more and one can’t help asking whether they are for real. They played real hard to get!!! And, we were alive when both Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen made India proud by bagging the Miss World and Miss  Universe title. So did the likes of Lara Dutta. When they spoke during the competition and the interviews they gave sent signals down our brain as we knew they are the women with whom we can strike an intelligent conversation with. If only, we were lucking! India, the modelling circuits and TV channels were lucky to have them. They represented a dream to millions of men and women, an aspiration to take the world by storm.

It’s been long India didn’t win the much coveted Miss World and Miss Universe title. You ask why??? Well, the answer lies in the question, you bet! There have been and there are good models on the circuit and today, every girl is a model. There is a need to revisit the excellence portrayed by these women and a serious re-thinking is needed.Sheetal MallarkamalanchorsThere is a need to revisit the grooming process, poise displayed by our first super models. The problem is that there is a PR and advertising over drive to hard sell the new age women, the women of my generation. Well, I prefer the old wine any day!





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2 thoughts on “India’s first super models

  1. I have a completely different take on beauty and an argument as to why Ash and Sush won the titles and what it actually means. Also, why in the years that they did and not before or after! It is pure economics bud. If these skinny asses endorse, every foolish girls will want to ape and boost sales. It is as simple as that. Just look at who else won and from which countries, and that will put things in perspective. 🙂

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