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Delhi Diary (5)

Delhi, Day 5

Thursday, November 1:

I was in for the major revamp in personal structure on the eve of D-Day, albeit, the major conference at Oberoi, Gurgaon. On the list read hair cut, shopping for shoes and other personal stuffs. How to do that? It’s been hectic since day right form the time I reached my much loved hotel, Trident in Gurgaon and traveling to and fro, Gurgaon/Delhi/Gurgaon. I’ve been facing time constraint. Since the time I landed in Delhi, I wasn’t able to watch a movie nor I was able to hit Barista and indulge in mankind’s own favorite activity, shopping. So, I chose  to skip the visit to Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals facilities and before I get set to Ambiance mall, I wrote my stories and mailed to office.

I shopped for my basic stuffs like tea, coffee, moisture cream, toothpaste and brush..I wonder whether I’ll be able to survive my MADE IN INDIA stuffs at Food Bazaar, so whenever I go ‘home’ I buy my stuffs. Ha! How do I forget to mention that I packed my maggi noodles which I carried ‘saat samundar’ and of course my packs of face wash. On the way, I picked some books and movies, magazines and card holder which is an essential asset for a journo. This time I didn’t picked any rom-com kinda novel which I diligently read throughout the year and it’s getting to me now. For your info, there are some books of this kind still lying in the luggage owing to my visit to Mumbai in January. Finally, laid my hands on a pair of brown shoes at West Side which remain my hot favorite for formals attire and I recommend the shop for people hunting for trousers, shirts if you planning to deck up for the occasion. West Side is perfect for formal events. I finally had  a hair cut after eight fucking months and shed 400 bucks and the hair was kept short, a far cry from my usual long, unkempt style.

I found myself with two huge bags containing the whole shopping stuffs and hailed a rick so that I reach the hotel in time. I barely had the time to put the stuffs in the room and dash for lunch. In one hour, we gotta get set for a visit in New Delhi at Qutub Minar. Post, the socializing with colleagues and chit chatting with the wonderful personnel at Trident, Delhi calls.


It’s a sleepy afternoon. Guess, the alcohol consumed at the cocktail during the night is in for something as the bus hired by Ministry  of External Affairs makes it way towards Qutub Minar. We reached the place in an hour or so and entering Qutub Minar seems like being transported back to a part of Indian  history that our forefathers had the sole privilege to witness. The forts, the history about the Mughal period in India is such a treat to one’s eyes and wake up one’s aesthetic sense. There is so much to click at Qutub Minar and my small, modest and handy Kodak camera which I am contemplating to shed comes to good use and out of the blue, becomes crazy. Mr Kodak scouts for more and more sights which is plenty at the Qutub Minar as the sight is set on the beautiful remains of the place that has been beautifully maintained by the Indian Government. The towers are of immense beauty and arte fact reminisce of a period in the pre-independent history of India that was invaded by the Moghuls . The foundation was laid by Qutbuddin Aibak of the Mamluk dynasty in the 12th century. A lesson in history!026022

History never looked so beautiful. I spend my time clicking as many pictures I possibly could. Nopes, I didn’t climbed any of the stairs at the Qutb Minar much to my chagrin perhaps I was so fazed by the beauty of the place. It’s the real India that I just experienced. It is beautiful in spirit and creative quest.

We left Qutub Minar and passed through the parliament House in New Delhi and back to Gurgaon after beating up the traffic snarl in the capital city, India. It was a truly fulfiling day. As I opened the room, I found another invitation..yet again a cocktail hosted by the general manager Mr Matthews but before that, there is a media briefing, I am informed. The best thing is that there is sufficient time to reach the media center near the lobby. I am like kya jaldi hai. Took my own sweet time to enjoy the shower in room no. 259 which I made into my own personal space.Time to lie down in the bath tub enjoying the shower, time to shave and a hot cuppa tea. The media briefing is one of the most important session before the IOR-ARC conference and it’s the time when the officials brief us on the happenings of the session, how to proceed for the quotes and what time to reach the venues. We were informed that the union MEA, Shri Salman Khurshid will meet us after the conference. Post that, the usual Q&As followed. I got the story which I gonna pen after the cocktail.

The cocktail was a minor affair, a time to socialize with the media guys, hotel personnel and IOR-ARC officials with whom we shared our ideas. It was the time to get to know the IOR-ARC secretariat, the charming diplomat Mr Bhagirath with whom we had a non-formal conversation for the conference. Ideas shared on the conference over some drinks which is not necessarily a bad idea. Post the drinks and dinner, time to go the room and send my story. A day that culminates in immense satisfaction and it’s time to sleep coz the next morning gonna be up to the lark. It’s gonna be D-DAY on Friday. It’s the IR-ARC 12th Ministerial conference. Better, be prepared.



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