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Ek Tha Tiger: The Baap of Entertainment

Salman Khan is going the Amir Khan’s way in his own unique Salman style. He is the darling of the masses and he knows that. Since 2008, he has belted super-duper hits after hits, be it Wanted, Ready, Bodyguard and Ek Tha Tiger, recently. I am going to keep this review of Kabir Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger coz I watched the movie quite late after it was release. In one glance, Ek Tha Tiger is certainly, “The Baap of Entertainment.”  It’s a movie that director Kabir Khan has directed in a very intelligent manner. By now, the movie has broken all records loose and joined the Rs 200 crores fray.

Well, we all know the story of Ek Tha Tiger and I am not gonna play the over smart dude who knows it all. For those who have come late, Ek Tha Tiger is the love story of two spies who hail from countries who have no lost love for each other. Dumbo! I am speaking of India and Pakistan. They eventually fall in love and escape their professional lives as they are dogged by the spies of their own countries.

Salman Khan is in his element as the spy torn between the love of his life and that of his country. The best part about Salman is that he is being himself  and it is actually a delight to watch him. Salman is simply superb and he excels in all scenes, be it romantic, funny-man and the action sequences. He is the darling of the Indian masses. Katrina Kaif plays the glamorous part very well and I personally find her very cute sprinting from one end of skyscrapers to another high-rise building. The adrenaline rushes inside your body as you watch Katrina perform and upping her sex quotient is a bonus. Plus, she scorches the screen in the item number Mashallah. Katrina exudes hotness and the adrenaline rushes watching her perform the belly dance. She has the hot bod. Another feather in her cap after Sheela Ki Jawani and Chikni Chameli.

Director Kabir Khan has presented the movie in an intelligent manner as the audience is glued to its seat. Though it’s a movie directed towards the masses, the direction is very slick and is a class apart. There is not a single dull moment in the movie. This what I call, “The Baap of Entertainment.” The songs are very addictive. The best part about Ek Tha Tiger is its spell-bound climax that send shivers down your spine. The action sequences is a sheer delight and that’s what entertaining movies are all about. The film has been shot in Cuba and Turkey and the camera angles is a class apart.

Despite the plus points, the only flaw that I find is what happened to the character played by the scientist. I mean he just disappeared post interval to one’s surprise. Despite that, Ek Tha Tiger is a movie that appealed both to the masses and classes. Rs 200-crores business and still counting is a case in point. If you haven’t watched it, rush to the nearest cinema hall and be part of the Rs 200-crores and still counting club.

Four stars out of five

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