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India need resources to make it big at Olympics

I ain’t a spin doctor in the theory of Olympic Games nor I am a specialist in the games. Far from that, I am a commoner and nought as far as the games analysis is concerned. However, like most young people I tried to follow the games but do suffer from a lack of technical skills and knowledge about the game. For Britishers, it’s a historic moment in the life of their country and the game couldn’t have come at a better time. We are living in an era of economic downturn and the country is afflicted by the Eurozone crisis. It’s like being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. The Britishers must be raising their hands to the sky and gratefully shouting, haro for bringing the Olympic Games to London. Indeed, it is the best moment during the economic crisis and it would certainly fetch more in terms of revenue for a sagging tourism industry and generate jobs for localites and foreigners alike.

What does the Olympics Games hold for India and how our athletes have performed during the games in London? I am not indulging in hara-kiri but it’s my single and honest attempt to assess what our athletes have achieved and could have done. Bah! Just received the bad news on Times of India, wrestler Yogeshwur Dutt loses pre-quarter-final and Basanta Rana just finished 6th in 50th kilometer walk, thus breaking the national record for India. If the Olympics Games is something to gauge our performances, one can easily say India’s performance was lacklustre, to say the least. Don’t get me wrong: Our athletes have the potential but unfortunately, they don’t get the necessary push in terms of Finance, infrastructure and certainly, we haven’t won a gold award. It sucks.

Let’s not sink ourselves to negativity. There are athletes like Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom  who made us proud by notching bronze in women singles in badminton and women flyweight category in Boxing. While Gagan Narang won the first medal for India, bronze in ten-metre rifle and Vijay Kumar bagged the silver in 25-metre at the rapid fire pistol. Though at the outset, it’s India best performance so far, there is nothing to be proud of us bagging only four medals. It’s a given that we should be proud of the achievements of Saina Nehwal and Mary Kom because of their admirable indomitable spirit to fight till the end. But, the stark reality remains: Both Nehwal and Kom achievement are self-earned and no second party should be credited for that. Despite the lack of financial support from all quarters, the magnificent ladies fought till the end and this victory marks the triumph of individual spirit in the face of adversity.

Now the biggest question is: Why can’t India bag at least 10 to 12 medals. I say, why not and we could have notched 15, to say the least. The problem lies in the lack of financial support and sponsorship. There is also a lack of marketing for the different sports disciplines and just like television was the poor cousin of cinema at one time, the various sports are indeed comparable to that of cricket. The T-20 Cricket series is a successful model where advertising and the moolah comes in. If only different sports activities would have earned the same consideration, today we would have been so fucking proud of our achievement in the Olympics. The Birlas, Tatas and Ambanis should have come forward and invested in the well-being of Indian athletes who suffer from cash crunch and I feel it is an opportunity to showcase the world what India is capable of achieving.

The achievements of athletes like Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom, Narang, Vijay Kumar, Tintu Luka…well latest Times of India update…Yogeshwar Dutt has just qualified for repechage and many others like Sushil Kumar, Devendro Singh and Vikas Krishna Yadav have shown that Indian athletes have the potential to make it huge in the Olympics Game. What is needed is huge investment from both the private sector and the government. The Indian government must invest in major infrastructures such as stadium and boxing rings, for instance for athletes. I don’t think piecemeal rewards such as Rs 100,000 after the athlete come back will do the trick. The foundation must be set so that Indian rock the Olympics. But, it’s wishful thinking. Or else, how do we explain the fact that India has failed to bag a single gold medal and our Hockey Team suffered another defeat at the hands of South Africa? We haven’t scored the least of point in Hockey, forget winning the match, despite Hockey is our national game.

I fail to understand why the Indian officials refused to protest against the unfair ouster of Vikash Krishna at the Olympics. Please, someone, explain the logic behind this! Well, I again pay a tribute to the likes of Nehwal, Kom, Narang and Singh who evoke admiration despite not receiving adequate support. Way to go, galzz and guyzzzz.




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