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Why Pune?!

Just reached office after attending a major political event and as I switched on the desktop to pen my story, Meghna and Aiswarya broke up the news…something that we would never like to hear or see. Can it get worse than that? Four blasts in Pune..Holy fuck! Not Pune!!! That too at JM Road which was my regular hang out spot during ma college days and I make it a point to visit this part of Deccan area every time I land up in the city. Shit! I was speechless and my reaction was FUCK.

What followed are some frantic calls to frenz and relatives in the city. When such kinda things happen, it send shivers down our throat and the fear of losing someone dear to us crops up and we want to ensure that everybody is fine. One feel peaceful inside after hearing the voices of our near and dear ones. That’s human nature, I think and till we haven’t spoken to the ones we love, doubts will race in our respective minds.

Still, it’s so devastating and depressing to hear such news where innocent lives are being targeted. The good thing is that the blast claimed no human lives and that nobody from my side is injured. Sometimes, I wonder what is the value of human lives and whether we haven’t learned our lesson? It reeks of the failure of authorities to detect bomb threat. While, on one hand, we may argue that it was four low intensity bombs on the other hand, does that mean that we should not do anything about it? I am incensed at the apathy of authorities. It’s been so depressing to hear that my city has been under-siege and at the mercy of groups spreading terror and still nothing was done to prevent such ghastly attacks.

Why Pune? When we are fed up of staying in Mumbai,we head back to Pune and the city embraces us with open arms. There is so much happiness in the city which is like the innocent child that has never harmed anyone. It’s the nice retreat that provides us with love, comfort and warmth. It is our abode and bears the comforting touch of the mom’s hands.

But, why why? Thinking about such attacks in the city makes me go crazy and I become red with anger. Perhaps, we should become like Mumbaikars and get accustomed to it now coz we know nothing can really change. No doubt we are a resilient lot and do we have a choice? We need to be in the city, enjoy a good laugh over coffee. True, we are a laid back city. It’s equally true that we are a booming city. Even if we are working in a different parts of the world, we have to be back in the city at the end of the day. That’s where our heart lies and no terror attack shall prevent us from going back to our roots. We love our city and no cowardice attack shall deter us from loving our city. It’s our pride and the movement to free India from colonial power started in Pune. By attacking us, you are making us more stronger. Keep that in mind.




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