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Review: Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a delightful master piece

Review:Ferrari Ki Sawaari

Producer: Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Director: Rajesh Mapuskar

Cast: Sharman Joshi, Boman Irani, Ritwik Sahore, Paresh Rawal

Rating: Four Stars

Sheer brilliance! Absolute delight! A masterpiece like Ferrari ki Sawaari couldn’t have come at a better time! There are movies that comes once in a life time and there are those that stay with you forever. Ferrari Ki Sawaari is one such film. The face of Hindi cinema is truly changing.

FKS bears the mark of Vidhu Vinod Chopra-Raju Hirani and  tell the tale of Rusy (Sharman Joshi) and his son Kayo (Ritwik Sahore). In short, the father does everything possible to accomplish the dream of his son who wants to become an ace cricketer. In order to fulfil the dream of Kayo, Rusy borrows the Ferrari of the famous owner without informing him and that’s where the trouble starts. A movie that draws inspiration and told in the simplest yet evocative manner. In short, FKS is a delightful masterpiece that will stay with you forever.

Credit goes to the director for shooting SoBo (South Mumbai) in the most refreshing manner. I could connect with every nook-and-corner of the city as the camera pays a fitting tribute to maximum city. The movie strikes a chord at the very first reel and it is such a heart warming story to tell. The by-lanes of Mumbai, the authentic Parsi colony and the different angles of Mumbai have been beautifully and aesthetically shot and Mumbaikars and people who have been to Mumbai, fallen in love with the city will connect with the movie. India’s first love is cricket and FKS goes straight into the heart of every average middle class Indian who swears by Sachin, the bat and cricket.

It’s the first solo of Sharman Joshi and he slips in the character of a doting and loving father with aplomb.  He’s natural in front of the camera and shines in the emotional scenes, especially the one where he breaks up into tears in front of TV cameras looking for his son. Boman Irani as the angry grand father and former cricketeer who was robbed of his dream is amazing and delivers one of the finest role in his career. The energy that he has put in the role deserve admiration and he is simply fabulous. Boman is simply fantastic. Child artist Ritwik Sahore is lovable and full of energy. The kind of chemistry displayed between him and Sharman is one of the highlights of the movie. The supporting cast ably match the main characters. Seema Pahwa, Satyadeep Misra, Aakash Dabhade , Deepak Shirke, Nilesh Divekar and Vijay Nikam are all effective. Vidya Balan item song..mala zhau de is a delight.

Stand out scenes:

1) Sharman looking for a bat for his son and drives to the cricket stadium where Ritwik runs at the same pace is a delight.

2) Sharman fidgets with the piggy bank in the toilet in order to find money to buy a cricket bat for his son. This shows the love of a doting father who wants to do everything to fulfil the dream of his son.

3) The scene where Boman plays cricket with his grandson in the middle of the night. He is simply fantastic and first-rate.

4) The confrontation scenes between Boman and Paresh Rawal that I would call the clash of titans.

5) The climax where the legendary Sachin Tendulkar finally comes and walks with Ritwik at Lords stadium, London. Plus, our own Wankhede stadium in Mumbai where the legends of Indian cricket, including our demi-God Sachin performed is a sheer delight.

What’s not?

Which great movie doesn’t suffer from flaws? The interaction between Tatya, the politician and his son Pakya who is obsessed with the Ferrari is a mere caricature and a departure from the script.

Concluding Remarks:

FKS is a fantastic movie and a story simply told by first time director Rajesh Mapuskar. It is indeed a master piece that will stay with you for a very long time since the script and screenplay scores big time and coupled by wonderful performances by Sharman Joshi, Ritwik Sahore and Boman Irani. Go for this one. It’s poora paisa vasool. Certainly, one of the best movies of the year that will fetch Sharman and Boman awards.



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