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Pune (Not the last and final goodbye)

Monday January 9, 2012

As I lit a cigarette on this chilling Monday morning in Pune, I wonder why the good things in life need to get over so soon. Life was truly awesome since the past 20 days where I experienced the joy of a lifetime, revisiting the gud ole’ days in the wonderful city…my city…Pune city. I forged a bond with new people and strengthened the existing relationships. Time is running against me as I dunno what time I shall catch the bus towards Mumbai and till now, no staying arrangement has been made in maximum city.

I have some clothes lying with the dry-cleaning guy. A 60-year-old uncle with whom I formed a friendship. People are good in the city and my heart tells me, Vishal why are you fucking leaving the city where you are deriving joy and happiness? Please don’t leave. You can’t get such kind of genuine happiness anywhere in the world. Fuck it off, the practical self-tells me: I got work to attend and waise bhi, I won’t stay for long in Mauritius and shall be back in Pune. I rush to pick up my clothes and uncle asks: jaa rahe ho beta? Haan uncle ja raha hoon aaj par permanently shift karoonga aur aap ke liye ek chota sa tohfa. I handed him the token and he charged me only 100 bucks which I refused. I gave him 50 extra bucks, not without saying that work is work. After all, it’s this man labor and he rightfully deserves his money for getting my clothes washed and ironed. I am touched by his gesture, though.

Post that, I rushed to get some xerox done where I head towards Fergusson college to meet Chanda. Ayeee! Chanda shall be late and grab the opportunity to go for a walk at Fergusson College (FC), my college. I click some pics there and walked towards the different departments which I frequented down the years. I am happy that got some pics taken at our Economics department, main circle, Amphi Theatre and A-7 classes, among others. Chanda buzzed me and I just crossed the road to our favorite college hang out savera where I met some people, our usual suspects.Yes, the Bwoyz still hang out there for coffee and guess that Savera is so fucking addictive-our batchmates, juniors and seniors. I had to give the xerox version of press cut outs and wrote a small bio of my work and what do I do since Chanda, ma bro is gonna get my networking done in Pune that shall facilitate my re-location for job and all in one and a half years. After that, we clicked pics, had chai and had a ‘sutta’ together. There are some friendships that stand the test of time.

Time to say bye to annas and the main one at the counter before I headed to Central mall for shopping. There are certain stuffs that need to be bought and the ambiance at the mall is sumthing to die for. It leaves a feeling of addiction and pinches my heart. Now, I’m gonna miss d fun for a hellish long time as such places cannot be compared…Of course, the shopping took a long time and before heading to FC, I grab a cutting chai with sutta. I took a long walk on FC Road and pass by the college gate, I had to do dat…walked at Abasaheb Garware Bridge which has had a major overhaul. Time to buy some other stuffs and remove some cash in a jiffy. I took a rick towards the room and gotta do the packing. It’s such a royal and terrible pain in the ass. I am neva good in packing stuffs and all…So many things and figuring out how to fit them all in the two suitcases. Finally, it’s done and properly locked. I called Meghna and droped to her nice flat to say hi and bye. She suggested that I travel through Prasanna travels to Mumbai coz it takes less time.

I got the bus booking done at 5 p.m which would take off only at 7.30 and me gotta no choice but to sit at the booking office, smoking and drinking water. Time to sms some friends and say bye. I got a call from Australia and it’s Adi. I told him that I don’t wanna go back to the same old and monotonous life. We spoke on my relocation, opportunities in Pune and Mumbai, relationship-kinda-things and whether he is contemplating to come back to India. As I was boarding the bus, got an sms from Amol, ‘Dude am in the train at Lonavla..coming to Pune in 2 hours can u wait for some timee…told him I wanna wait and be in the city forever par kya karein jaana to padega…he replied tc…dear wanted to say bye…I called him and said…no worry we shall meet agle saal….Time to board the bus.

As the bus moved away from the city, I peeped through the window to look at the city where I spent the best days of ma life. I clicked some shots of the city in the dark and what I can see are buildings and lush greeneries. I have only a few hours in Pune and that too in the bus. Chanda messaged me….all  d best and c u soon, my friend…as it is you will be back. These words gave me comfort and made me forget for a while that I am leaving the city. I realize that I can’t live anywhere in the world other than Pune. That’s where I truly belong.

Dil mein thaan rakha hai ke Pune ko chor ke kahin nahin jaaonga.

It’s not the last and final goodbye, my city.

Our gaze shall meet.

We shall be one.

Tis holds true.

When you really want something, the whole universe will conspire to make it happen.

Amen to that!

It happened one fine day.

It will happen again and I’m not too far from that.

Love you my city.

That’s was it…the Pune trip and certainly not the last and final one.

Keep Faith N lots of love




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