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2 more days in Pune

January 7, Saturday

Made my way to Barista on Fergusson College (FC) Road quite early at around 9 in the morning. Post my cappuccino ani smoking rituals, I’m trying to work out my schedule. Later, I gotta meet Anuja and Deepti for lunch at Miniwok and before that, I call and check with a friend Anirudha for a quick chat over chai. Unfortunately, he couldn’t pick up the phone and at a later time, we spoke but couldn’t meet since he was stuck at work. Better luck, next time.

Met some pals over a cup of tea at Savera. Gosh! I have only 2 days left in the beautiful city and I wanna make the most of it. It feels like we were back to college days. Caught up with Chanda who came down for work kinda meeting and we discussed the various options for my relocation as well as the channels that I need to go through. When I look how things have changed for all of us the time we were students, chilling out in Savera before going for or skipping lecture, it used to be our hang-out. Those were the days of innocence. As human beings, we tend to take everything for granted. Yeah,  I ate butter nan like I used to do in Savera during those days.

Met Anuja and Deepti after a gap of 6 years at Deep Bangla Chowk (DBC), the place I used to stay in Pune and notice the changes in that part of the city.  It was among the first places I stayed in Pune and hanged around there, walking my way to E-Square from DBC. Back to the lunch with these 2 awesome gals whom I was meeting after a long gap. Left college in 2006 and we never met. I mean I left Pune for Mumbai. I used to speak to Deepti in college while me and Anuja hardly spoke to each other in college. In fact, I was pointing to Anuja as to how we became friends through her blog. I mean that’s amazing. Initially, there was some awkward moments since we were meeting after a gap of 6 years but these gals went out of their way to make me comfy. We had amazing gravy and noodles. What I like about these girls is that despite being no longer college students, they haven’t lost their charm and quota of fun. They have kept the child in them alive. That’s very important as a human being and the day you stop losing your ‘self’, you are gone for a toss. I told them about an incident that happened with me outside Savera and both Deepti and, in particular Anuja burst out laughing. We spoke about college days and the people, batch mates and seniors we knew in college. We spoke about Goa as well.

MiniWok is a beautifully designed Chinese restaurant opposite Edens Garden at Model Colony. The interiors, chairs and menu card are nicely designed and embellished. It is small but beautiful place and once you there, you wanna come again. Plus, the food is awesome and yummy. We bid good bye after some time coz Anuja gotta attend her Spanish tuition and it was very nice of her to take some time off her busy schedule to catch up.

I’m back on FC road as I have some booze plan lining up with Jiju, Beast and other pals. Sitting in Savera with Jiju, we are waiting for Beast who is late by one hour. Finally, he came and I am very surprised. Fuck! He is no longer the mota I knew and guess it has to do with marriage, perhaps. I am meeting him post his married. That means, before I left he was single and now he is a man shouldering responsibilities. After deciding on where to go, we decided to hit Apache on FC as we ordered pitchers of Go To Hell. We spent a good three hours at Apache shouting like school kids, laughing and speaking about anything, college days, beer session at Apache when we were supposed to be in class, babes and movies. We ended making fun of Shah Rukh Khan, aping K…kkkkkiran and laughing in his stupid manner. I was the one who initiated the imitation process as Beast been telling, char gayi tere ko….Here’s a bunch of boys assessing the most stupid movies of SRK.

After the booze process, we take a walk on FC which is always adorned by the beautiful and hot babes on a Saturday evening. It is the bestest time to see the babes in Pune and it looks like a big street party, free of entry charges. We nodded that Fergusson college has the hottest babes. Over this note, we parted and hugged each other. It almost 8 p.m and it’s time to look for food. The night has just started. But, guess what I have hardly done any shopping and got only Sunday to do just dat. Later Chanda buzzed and we are meeting on Sunday for breakfast.






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