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Sex with an ex: Part 1

It’s been 2 years since they called off  their engagement due to a mismatch in their horoscopes. Much against their wishes Anita and Ajay decided to buckle in to parental pressure and called it off. Their gaze met again at Crossword far away from the busy and maddening crowd outside Andheri station.

“Hi Ajay how you’ve been?,” Anita plucked the courage to speak to her ex.

It was an embarrassing 30 seconds silence before Ajay nodded back.

He replied, “Hi.”

After all, how can he forget her? She was meant to be his life-long partner. After all, some relationships are not meant to stay forever.

They spoke and promised to catch up over coffee at CCD.

“Nowadays you are coming late at home, Anita and you’ve behaved weird,” quipped her mom.

“No, Maa. It’s shaina who is back from US and we’ve been regularly catching up outside and drinking coffee.”

There is no way in the world that she will give a hint to her mom that she’s been meeting Ajay.

“Today, Maa asked me why I’ve am always  late at home.”

“What did you tell her?”

“Nothing. Just a friend of mine came from US.”

“A boy or a girl.”

Anita was aghast.

“You guys really have a problem and no matter what you claim you are always insecure.”

Ajay shrugged her remarks off.

“Arre! I was just joking.”

Anita played with the curl of her hair.

“Achcha sunno! Let’s do some fun thing. I wanna have daaru and get sloshed.”

“No problem madam.”

“So where are we going?”

“Banana night club at Khar,” suggested Ajay.

After the party both of them were drunk and checked in a hotel near the railway station. They didn’t realize that they were no longer a couple when Ajay kissed Anita on her lips and their tongues twisted and curled. They were too drunk  to realize the truth.

Both of them were lying on the bed. “You didn’t miss me during these years. Not once you tried to call,” She suddenly complained.

Ajay rolled on the bed , “I think we are high on life. But, one thing I need to tell you. Why did you listen to your parents?”

“Mein kya karti. Even you listened to your parents. No phone calls, emails or sms.”

“Babe, you ignored me.”

He continued,”What if your parents happen to know that we are spending the night in a single hotel room?”

She made faces and said, “Fuck my parents.”

They made love that night.

Anita repeatedly met Ajay and all they cared about was their own happiness. From lovers to new-found friends, they are now fulfilling each other’s needs. They were doing it for the thrill or in a way hitting back at society. They had no qualm in accepting that they are fulfilling each other’s sexual needs.

Life is strange, na?”, Anita said to him

He replied,”You’ve got a point. We have come to terms with the events in our lives and now we are happy being together.”

She corrected him,”Not being together for good. We are in a physical relationship. We are in a state of sexual gratification.”

She lit a cigarette. Suddenly her cell phone buzzed. Anita threw away the cigarette, “Now, dude I gotta go. Please don’t call or sms for few days.” She placed a kiss on his lips.

Ajay is incensed, “What the fuck?Will you please tell me what happened?”

She said, “Will tell next time we meet. Bye, baby.”


END OF PART 1: To be continued.





Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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