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Desi Boys: Boys’ night out




Rating: Three stars

Desi Boyz marks the debut of Rohit Dhawan, son of filmmaker David Dhawan. The film is a good attempt at comedy and though it moves at a slow pace in the first half, it picks up and entertains in the second half.

Desi Boyz is the story of Jerry (Akshay Kumar) and Nick (John Abraham) who lose their respective jobs as security guard and investment banker due to the financial meltdown. In order to survive they start working as male escorts. Radhika (Deepika Padukone) plays John’s girlfriend while Akshay falls for the sexy economics professor Tanya (Chitrangada Singh).

The comic caper has many interesting and hilarious moments like the scene where Akshay gives the professor a lesson on India and reminds him that Hotmail was founded by an Indian. This will definitely get taalis from the audience. The scene where Akshay goes for a job interview and pretends to be harassed by the manager (Satish Kaushik) is another high point. The film is a complete guys’ night out.

Akshay and John deliver their parts well and display superb comic timing. Deepika plays a glamorous doll while Chitrangada is the life of the movie in the second half. She breathes life into her role and is hilarious with her innovative teaching methods.

Also, she shares amazing chemistry with Akki. Omi Vaidya plays the role of a jerk  with gusto. The show stealer of the movie though is Sanjay Dutt, who proves that he is the ultimate rockstar of the film industry.

The first half of the movie moves is slow and takes time to get to the main subject. The John-Deepika combination fails to display the expected chemistry. The music is average, except a couple of numbers like the title song. The director should have paid more attention to the script.

However, despite the limitations, Desi Boyz is what is called time pass entertainment and worth one watch. Filmmaker Manmohan Desai used to tell his audience to leave their brains at home while watching his movies. If you want to enjoy Desi Boyz, you should pay heed to that line



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